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Pikmin 4: The World to Free
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 4: The World to Free, a fanon game created by New Pikminjp.
P4TWtF Alice.jpg
Name Alice
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Blond
Home planet Tectionia
Known related characters Tike (eventual husband)

Alice is a leader appearing in Pikmin 4: The World to Free. After the events of the story, Tike apparently marries her.


Personal entry (post-story)

My true name is Alicey, but a lot of people and even I call me Alice. I'm a psychologist, as you all know, and I help many with my emotion-cleaning powers of wisdom (though I don't really have much wisdom). I, in fact, adore cute creatures, something that a planet I once visited with my husband, Tike, tends to lack. I only view the worlds in only three colors: appearance, epicness, and personality. I really don't care for the rest. I have many annoying sisters, like Kathe, who tends to trip me over with a rope she finds in our backyard. I do have a cousin, someone I claim the Ninja Bulborb from PNF-404 tends to impersonate. I also love fruit... A LOT! I hope that does not make me out to be too much like a Koppaite. They sure do adore fruit, but hey, I like other things too, like pikpik carrots from Hocotate or peppermint soup from here. Ummm... what am I saying, FRUIT IS MY BABY! Oh, I'm getting a bit too worked up about fruit am I? Oh man, now I want a Sunseed Berry. After I'm done with this, I'm sure going to order a family-sized meal of fresh, scrumptious, mouth-watering, deluxe Sunseed Berries! You know what... I going to buy it right now.