Arena of Flames

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The Arena of Flames is a structure that appears in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. It is tied for the smallest structure, floor-wise with ??? as it only has 2. It is located in the Garden of Sadness. It's only hazard is fire. There are 2 Hocotate files here.

Sub-level 1

The seating area of the arena. All the seats are empty and some are on fire. There are abandoned concession stands everywhere with little to no food in them. The only room is a large loop around the arena, where the real action takes place. There are mini sections on the loop that resemble bathrooms. There is fiery danger at every turn on this floor, so Red Pikmin are vital. A Hocotate File is found under a pile of popcorn in one of the concessions. The player needs to get a locker room key to access the final floor, downstairs.

Sub-level 2

The player starts in a locker room. When they're ready, they can open the door and enter the arena. Once there, the Fiery Bulborb Champion appears and fights the player. Once defeated, he drops a Hocotate File.

Enemies Encountered