Garden of Sadness

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The Garden of Sadness is the first area explored in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. It has a low amount of tough enemies and tough caves, since it is the tutorial level. It's inhabitants are mainly Bulborbs and infected creatures. It holds 5 Hocotate files.


Sagittarius lands here with the S.S. Dolphin Junior after being sent away by his father. He finds Red Pikmin at the start and begins searching for the lost Hocotate files.

After the defeat of the Empress Bulblax, Sagittarius finds the River Disrupter, which opens the way to the Lake of Despair.

Pikmin Found


Subarea 1: Large Flower

The landing site. A large flower sits among many other small ones. To left of the the large flower is a wall that leads to the Honey Hive subarea when broken. The Tutorial Hole sits on the top of the large flower.

Subarea 2: Honey Hive

A giant hive hangs on a branch of a tree. Honey drops down here and many bees populate the area. A crack in the wall, when destroyed leads to the Industrial Garden subarea. The Practice Cave is the giant hive.

Subarea 3: Industrial Garden

A large and polluted garden. All the plant life here has been turned into steel weapons of torture. A menacing tower is here. The Burning Grassland lays to the north.

Subarea 4: Burning Grassland

Everything here is on fire. Even the arena here is! This place is very dangerous.

Holes, Caves, and Structures

Hole/Cave/Structure Name Subarea Floors Pikmin Discovered? Bosses
Tutorial Hole Large Flower 3 N/A Red Bulborb X3
Practice Cave Honey Hive 4 N/A Empress Bulblax
Electrical Tower Industrial Garden 7 N/A Electric Infectinite
Arena of Flames Burning Grassland 2 N/A Fiery Bulborb Champion

Enemies Encountered