Burning Lands

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Burning Lands
Location Pikmin Planet

The Burning Lands is an area in Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze. It is where you meet the Green Pikmin, and is the last area where you meet Pikmin types. Please note that you cannot go past the Green Pikmin area untill you obtain the Bronze Key.


Landing site

This is the same sandy boxed area that you landed in in Pikmin 2. A few Dwarf Orange Bulborbs are patrolling, take them out quickly. The Carbonised Bar is buried underground.

Green Pikmin area

This is the area just outside the sandy box. An electric gate guards the way there. The Green Onion, with 5 Green Pikmin, is yours for the taking. Unfortunately, you can't get around the group of tree stumps because some barbed wire is guarding the land path, which has a Bronze Padlock on it, which can only be unlocked with a Bronze Key. You can't cross by sea, because all of the water has turned into lava, which you can't cross yet. Once you use the Bronze Key, the wire will disappear and the Bronze Padlock will be collectible. On the right is the Speckled Catacombs.