Cave of Beginnings

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikspore, a fanon game created by DrTapeworm.
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Cave of Beginnings
Location Altitude Springs
Sublevels 3
Collectibles 5 treasures
Hazards Fire

The Cave of Beginnings is the first cave in Pikspore and the first cave in Altitude Springs. It is a normal-styled cave with some water, and lots of plantlife. The enemies are simple, and include Dwarf Brown Bulborbs. You also find Purple Pikmin here.


The Cave of Beginnings has 3 sublevels.

Sublevel 1

This is a very easy sublevel, with no enemies, two treasures and a simple layout. Simply walk from one end of the sublevel to the other. The only hazards are some small pools of water. When you get Blue Pikmin, return here, as there is a treasure submerged in the water.


Sublevel 2

This sublevel is slightly harder than the first one, but still easy. There are two treasures, and the only enemies are weak Dwarf Brown Bulborbs, which are actually weaker than their red relatives, as well as some fire geysers and gates that are easily destroyed. There are two Violet Candypop Buds that give you some Purple Pikmin.


Sublevel 3

This is the final sublevel. A simple walk to the geyser that's blocked by a gate, there is one last treasure here, which takes 101 Pikmin to carry. Use the Purple Pikmin you got from the previous Sublevel and one extra Pikmin to get it back to the pod, which will increase the range of the Ship, letting you go to the Volcanic Wastes. The only enemy is a lone Fiery Blowhog.