Altitude Springs

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Altitude Springs
Altitude Springs scene.png
Olimar in Altitude Springs.
Pikmin discovered Red Pikmin, Green Pikmin, Blue Pikmin
Caves Cave of Beginnings, Sand Lands, Jungle Tunnel, Aquatic Ruins

The Altitude Springs is the first area in Pikspore. You start off in a grassy area with sand, and you find Red Pikmin, and later Green Pikmin here. The first few parts of the level act as an easy tutorial for the game, while the rest are much harder and can be accessed after getting Blue Pikmin. The Walkway is very similar to this level.

After the first day, a Mossy Long Legs appears at the landing site in a cutscene but ignores the Pikmin and simply stomps onward, destroying a wall blocking your progress.


Landing Site

It is circle-shaped and simple. Behind where The Ship lands is a patch of Nectar Grass. A single Dwarf Brown Bulborb is located behind some driftwood.


Grassy Area with Sand Pits

This hilly area is fairly big, with sand pits in the ground. Until day two, there is a pile of big boulders blocking the path to the Dirt Pit section. The Cave of Beginnings is located here.


Dirt Pit Section

You should have basic knowledge of how to handle your Pikmin by now. The terrain is similar to that of the previous section, but there are many holes in the ground that can be escaped by walking up a slope. There is also a small pond connecting this section to the Watering Hole section. The Sand Lands is located here, on a high ledge. There is a bridge that can be constructed to allow access to the cave, but only Yellow Pikmin can build it.


Watering Hole

This spot is inaccessible until you get Blue Pikmin. There are many creatures drinking from the several small ponds here. There is also a one-way path to the Grassy Area with Sand Pits.



It's a bit dark in here, with tall grasses and plants blocking the sun's light. You discover Green Pikmin here. Also, you can go to the Jungle Tunnel and Aquatic Ruins here.