Charge Glove

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Forces of Evil
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Forces of Evil, a fanon game created by Tavish DeGroot.
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The Charge Glove is the very first upgrade found in Pikmin: Forces of Evil. Olimar discovers it when he goes into the tunnels of Zebes for the first time. The Charge Glove allows Olimar to charge up a punch or a Pikmin throw over the course of several seconds, increasing the punch's damage or doubling the distance of the throw. When fully charged, his fist glows orange, as does a now-squeaking Pikmin in his grasp. Olimar can collect special charge glove upgrades, each relating to a color of Pikmin, to inflict significant damage to enemies, even one-shot-killing some of them, with those respective Pikmin. The Entity gains a charge attack with his guns in the second fight against him.

One of the Charge Glove's upgrades is Prometheus' Gift, which is found after defeating two Emperor Bulblaxes in Knight's Remorse, a cave on planet Pop Star. Charging a throw with a Red Pikmin in hand will envelop its body in flames and, after being thrown, it ram its foot into the enemy. Combined with the Warsong, a single Red Pikmin can become a killing machine.