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The Pikmin family consists of often humanoid, friendly creatures.


Alien Pikmin

Main article: Alien Pikmin

The Alien Pikmin are a mysterious species of Pikmin of extraterrestrial origin. They have a one in ten chance of appearing after the server passes thirty in-game days. Their Onion falls from the sky if the chance to appear is successful, and will stay there the entire day after crash-landing.

Amber Pikmin

Amber Pikmin.jpg
Main article: Amber Pikmin

Amber Pikmin are a shiny orange colour and have dark green leaves on their heads or a white bud or flower. Like their Yellow Pikmin decendants they have an immunity to Electricity but also are immune to Explosions and can carry Bomb Rocks.

Aqua Pikmin

Aqua Pikmin sitting.png
Main article: Aqua Pikmin

Aqua Pikmin are a species of Pikmin with a bird-like beak and 4 leaves arranged in a cross shape. These leaves will then form into separate bulbs of a leafy bud in the center, until that leafy part disappears, and they all form into large petals.

Ascended Pikmin

PEoE Ascended Pikmin.png
Main article: Ascended Pikmin

They have ascended to a higher plane, making them transcendent. They are the largest Pikmin in the game. They resist all elements including the new Eternitus element, and have high motor skills. They are incredibly strong, with a 15 point carrying strength. They stun enemies similarly to Purple Pikmin, but break through armor when doing so. Therefore, they can stun enemies Purple Pikmin normally cannot.

Assassin Pikmin

Assassin Pikmin.png
Main article: Assassin Pikmin

It resembles a Purple Pikmin in shape and size, but is primarily black in color, and has a golden leaf or golden petals depending on its maturity. Their flower has a red center. To unlock them, an Assassin Pikmin has to be raced to the end of a small obstacle course, which only appears while the Assassin Pikmin is there. Assassin Pikmin have two different ways of killing enemies, which are using a close-range attack if thrown near or onto an enemy, and if thrown onto an otherwise inaccessible ledge, using a ranged attack.

Azure Pikmin

Main article: Azure Pikmin

Azure Pikmin are a species of Pikmin that has two stems.

Beige Pikmin

Main article: Beige Pikmin

Beige Pikmin are light brown Pikmin that have beady black eyes. They are smaller than other Pikmin, and like Purple Pikmin and White Pikmin, they have a magenta bud or flower, depending on their maturity. Beige Pikmin are extremely lightweight, which allows them to float on water and walk on weak terrain without trouble. As such, they're useful for crossing bodies of water or crossing patches of broken glass. They cannot be thrown as high as a Yellow Pikmin, but a characteristic unique to Beige Pikmin is floating to the ground slowly after being thrown, much like a feather.

Black Pikmin

PNE Black Pikmin.png
Main article: Black Pikmin (miscellaneous)

Black Pikmin are Pikmin that are usually resistant to adhesive and its effects, but can also have a variety of other resistances. Their characteristics, appearance, and other traits vary from game to game.


Main article: Blikmin

Blikmin are large, hostile Pikmin that are immune to all hazards because of their enormous size. They are the same dark purple color as Mushroom Pikmin, and have a pointy nose, two large, red, empty eyes, six hairs, and a gill-like mouth. Blikmin also have a tail, which ends in a mushroom cap, as does their stem. Blikmin feed on smaller Pikmin as well as breadbugs, and show no mercy to their prey. Blikmin are thought to have their own Onions and pellets, both of which being very large.

Bloat Pikmin

Main article: Bloat Pikmin

They are the slowest pikmin of all. But they are the third strongest pikmin and they usually kill or stun enemies. They are so slow they usually are accidentally left behind.

Block Pikmin

Main article: Block Pikmin

Its body structure is shaped similarly to a cube. They are found with the help of White Pikmin due to Block Pikmin and their Onion being located behind a Poison Gate in the Endless Ocean.

Blue Pikmin

P3 Blue Pikmin.png
Main article: Blue Pikmin

Blue Pikmin have mouths and white flowers, and are present in all Pikmin games. They are resistant to water, making them the only type able to access submerged portions of areas where other Pikmin would drown. They are the last type discovered in all games except Hey! Pikmin.

Bomb Rock Pikmin

Bomb rock Pikmin.jpg
Main article: Bomb Rock Pikmin

Although they can not withstand explosions, Bomb rock Pikmin are capable of destroying reinforced gates themselves, without the need for bomb rocks. Although they do not look burly, their tail has immense strength.

Boom Pikmin

Boom Pikmin.png
Main article: Boom Pikmin

Boom Pikmin are volatile Pikmin that are resistant to crushing, electricity, and explosions. They physically resemble Rock Pikmin, but are red in color and have orange cracks, and become darker after exploding. They won't die when they detonate, but they will become stunned and immobile for some seconds while they recharge.

Boxer Pikmin

PAA Boxer Pikmin.png
Main article: Boxer Pikmin

The Boxer Pikmin is a Pikmin type that uses punches to attack instead of latching on and attacking.

Bronze Pikmin

Main article: Bronze Pikmin

A Bronze Pikmin is the first stage in its life cycle.

Brown Pikmin

Main article: Brown Pikmin

Brown Pikmin are Pikmin who's main body color is Brown. Usually, they have the ability to dig faster/are immune to mud/latch onto enemies better.

Bulletproof Pikmin

Main article: Bulletproof Pikmin

These pikmin are resistant to projectiles and enemies that attack with projectiles. These pikmin have very thick and hardened skin, so they cannot be thrown very far. In order to acquire these pikmin, they must be created from gray pellets or Titanium Candypop Buds.

Burgundy Pikmin

Burgundy Pikmin.png
Main article: Burgundy Pikmin

Burgundy Pikmin are the only Pikmin resistant to Hot Air. They are light-red and their leaves are normal green. Their flowers are Red. These Pikmin can only be made in Lava Candypop Buds. Also, if these Pikmin are showered with lava when rooted in the ground, they become flowered. These Pikmin can also siphon fire out of enemies and they can melt metal enemies to be destroyed.

Burning Nimkip

Main article: Nimkip

These Nimkip are in a constant state of combustion, and when touched by a non-Red Pikmin, they will catch on fire. They are also slightly stronger than other types, and appear in swarms of 40-45. Best handled by a larger swarm of Red Pikmin, and even so expect losses.

Burr Pikmin

Main article: Burr Pikmin

They are discovered in the Vengeful Thicket. Though they are small and deal below-average damage to enemies, they are covered in sharp orange thorns which make them deal some extra impact damage when grabbing onto an enemy. The thorns also make them pop bubbles on contact, such as those from the Waddlepus and the Oozing Capsnider.

Camouflage Pikmin

Main article: Camouflage Pikmin

The Camouflage Pikmin is a species of Pikmin that may have a camouflage pattern on its body and blends in with its surroundings.


Main article: Captmin

These are previous captains from either Hocotate or Koppaite that had become hybridized with Pikmin.

Cat Pikmin

Cat Pikmin.png
Main article: Cat Pikmin

They have orange fur with lighter colored stripes and chest-mark, a long tail, highly reflective yellow eyes, whiskers, small ears, and a small nose. Their flower looks like a Tiger Lilly.

Cerulean Pikmin

Cerulean Pikmin.jpg
Main article: Cerulean Pikmin

They are found at Clampclam Shores, underground, and can only be created by throwing Pikmin into a Turquoise Candypop Bud. Cerulean Pikmin are light blue in color and can have a light green leaf, or a bud or flower, both with dark blue petals, depending on their maturity. They have red cheeks and a curved smile. They are most comfortable in below-zero climates and they are resistant to ice.

Challenge Pikmin

PF Challenge Pikmin F.png
Main article: Challenge Pikmin

Challenge Pikmin are a type of Pikmin found only in the Challenge Mode. Hence the name, they add to the difficulty of challenges in which they occur. Like Bulbmin, they are immune to all hazards except explosions, blunt force, and pits. However, they are constantly wilting; their leaf, bud, or flower changes from a healthy green to a cracking brown over a 90-second lifespan; at 10 seconds left, their color begins to blink with alarm. If they do not drink green nectar within these 90 seconds, they will die

Chrome Pikmin

Chrome Pikmin.png
Main article: Chrome Pikmin

The attack of a Purple Pikmin, just multiplied by two. It takes 5 seconds more to eat than other Pikmin. It's invulnerable to everything but fire.

Clanking Pikmin

Clanking Pikmin.png
Main article: Clanking Pikmin

Clanking Pikmin are black, have red eyes, and yellow leaf/bud/flowers.

Clawed Pikmin

PV Clawed Pikmin.png
Main article: Clawed Pikmin

A Clawed Pikmin's head and body are round, making it slightly shorter than usual, and are colored black. Just like Orange Pikmin, it has a maroon flower. Its main feature is the large claws that are on its hands. These claws allow it to stick to foes it is latched on to, cut thin materials like paper and vines, and climb certain hard surfaces. However, they also interfere with carrying objects, so it takes up two carrying spaces on objects and therefore cannot carry objects with a maximum carrier limit of one, like bomb rocks and fragments. It is also somewhat weaker than the other types of Pikmin in the game.

Cleaner Pikmin

Main article: Cleaner Pikmin

Cleaner Pikmin are a type of pale blue Pikmin, they are noted for their thin frame and their leaves having a string like appearance to them.

Clear Pikmin

Main article: Clear Pikmin

In appearance, they are short and stubby, with the leaf, bud, or flower directly attached to the top of their heads instead of on a stem. They are see through, but in the center it is more concentrated. Clear pikmin are resistant to any sort of goo hazard.

Clone Pikmin

Main article: Clone Pikmin

Clone Pikmin are average Pikmin in the sense of stats, though they do have the ability to clone themselves. Using nectar, a Clone Pikmin can create up to four fake duplicates of itself. The four fake clones will disappear if the original one moves too far away, gets eaten, or if it touches water.

Cobalt Pikmin

Main article: Cobalt Pikmin

Cobalt Pikmin are a type of Pikmin who are blue, and are immune against Metal Poisoning. They can be found underground, and they are born from a Cobalt Tree, which can be taken out of the ground.

Cobble Pikmin

Cobble Pikmin.jpg
Main article: Cobble Pikmin

Cobble Pikmin like their White Pikmin descendants are immune to poison and bio-hazardous waste and can find artifacts hidden underground. They have light grey skin, red eyes, and a dark green leaf on their head or a pink bud or flower.

Creeper Pikmin

Main article: Creeper Pikmin

When it dies, it explodes, thus killing the enemy instantly (if it's like a Bulborb) It is also resistant to explosions but other Pikmin are not.

Crimson Pikmin

Main article: Crimson Pikmin

Crimson Pikmin have scaly, serpent-like skin, it is a crimson-red color. Because of there scaly skin, they are a bit more heavier than most pikmin, 2-3 times heavier. Because of there scaly skin they are resistant to all lava and all things heat-based. Since they are heavy they can home-in a little like Purple Pikmin when thrown.

Crystal Pikmin

Crystal Pikmin.png
Main article: Crystal Pikmin

They are resistant to every hazard except being eaten or falling into an abyss. Ultima Pikmin also have a carrying capacity of fifteen but are as fast as White Pikmin. A maximum of twenty-five Ultima Pikmin may exist at a time.

Cuddly Pikmin

Main article: Cuddly Pikmin

Cuddly Pikmin love being cuddled and are dangerous to the player. They are so because they have spikes on their stem, also they will jump on your helmet and crack it just to cuddle you. Even if you do survive with no oxygen, they will start to squeeze your face.

Cyan Pikmin

Main article: Cyan Pikmin

Cyan Pikmin are Pikmin that are normally resistant to the hazard of ice or cold temperatures, but their appearance, abilities, and resistances may vary between games.

Dark Green Pikmin

Main article: Dark Green Pikmin

The Dark Green Pikmin is immune to staring, but can only be produced by Military Green Candypop Buds. It has a mustache to replace its mouth so it can be immune to staring.

Dark Pikmin

Main article: Dark Pikmin

Dark Pikmin are made of dark matter, which they are resistant to, have an eerie red glow, empty, purple eyes, and a jet black flower with a blue center. They have an Onion, which is found in the landing site of the Path of Darkness and contains one hundred Dark Pikmin. Shadow Candypop Buds can be used to convert Pikmin into Dark Pikmin, but beware as they are always heavily guarded by enemies on all sides.

Decaying Pikmin

Decaying Pikmin.jpg
Main article: Decaying Pikmin

Decaying Pikmin are Pikmin that have been afflicted by a Decaying Breadbug's mold. They are rabid, and viciously attack nearby Pikmin and leaders, much like Mushroom Pikmin.

Dimensional Pikmin

Main article: Dimensional Pikmin

These Pikmin are black and blank. Their eyes are lime green. They can close dangerous Dimensional Rifts that lead to the depths of space. They can also open safe ones, that lead to a sort of Dark World, if there are enough of them in certain spots, and only if they have flowered, the only way to flower them being to have them close a rift by absorbing it's energy, essentially turning them into wormholes in jars or portal batteries.

Diamond Pikmin

Main article: Diamond Pikmin

The Diamond Pikmin is a species of Pikmin that is usually very powerful.

Digital Pikmin

Main article: Digital Pikmin

The Digital Pikmin is a species of Pikmin made of code.

Dino Pikmin

Main article: Dino Pikmin

The Dino Pikmin is special species of Pikmin, and are the biggest Pikmin known. This species is useful for taking down large groups of enemies. They are also even stronger, but slower, than Purple Pikmin.

Doom Pikmin

Doom Pikmin.jpg
Main article: Doom Pikmin

These are Pikmin who unfortunately got infused with Doom. Many variations exist within the Pikmin Planet but all have one similarity. They all retain their resistance to the element they were previously immune to.

Electric Pikmin

Main article: Electric Pikmin

These Pikmin are not actually electric resistant or have anything to do with electricity. Their name, Electric Pikmin, refers to their color, electric blue. They are found in a small grove of Mugnut Trees near the dropoff near the end of the Hall of Gales. They are just a bit bigger than white pikmin and have four arms that allow them to climb up trees and retrieve objects. These extra arms also provide them with extra balance so these are the only pikmin that never trip or fall down. This makes them very resistant to the gusts created by aerial blowhogs and the strong wind that blows over its homeland, the Hall of Gales. Because of this ability, they are made extremely difficult to deflower. They are small but nearly as slow as Purple Pikmin so they could be used in jobs meant for whites, even though they lack their speed and poison immunity. They are very useful for carrying items as their extra arms give them the strenghth of two pikmin, and they are a little bit faster than purples. Their climbing ability is commonly used to climb up to out-of-the-way places like trees, cliffsides and even the undersides of some rock formations.

Fire Pikmin

Fire Pikmin.png
Main article: Fire Pikmin

Fire Pikmin are orange Pikmin that have resistances to electricity and fire. They have an Onion, are born from Flamy Candypop Buds, and inflict twenty damage to enemies that eat them.

Flying Pikmin

Main article: Flying Pikmin

Flying Pikmin are sky blue Pikmin that possess the ability to fly, and are initially made using Sky Candypop Buds. Flying Pikmin have leaves for hands, and on the upper back of each Flying Pikmin are two leaves or flowers, depending on their maturity. Flying Pikmin cannot have buds, and they lack a stem. The appendages on the back of it allow it to become airborne and be able to fly over pits to reach treasures or other objects. Leaf-stage Flying Pikmin can only fly for five consecutive seconds, but flower-stage Flying Pikmin can fly twice that amount of time consecutively.

Fossil Pikmin

Main article: Fossil Pikmin

Fossil Pikmin is a Pikmin species appearing in Pikmin: Gold/Silver/Bronze.

Gold Pikmin

Gold Pikmin.png
Main article: Gold Pikmin

A Gold Pikmin is a certain pikmin that can act as a captain in place of Olimar or Louie.

Goo Pikmin

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Goo Pikmin are a type of ground pikmin that can slip through cracks and are immune to acid. When they fall off a enemy, they temporarily become liquid and are unable to be eaten, squished, or burned. They have a 15% chance not to be shaken off, and they slow enemies down with thier trail. They do 0.5x damage, dissolve in water, and barely can be thrown off the ground.

Gray Pikmin

Gray Pikmin.png
Main article: Gray Pikmin

They evolved their defining characteristic of thin skin after a large group of various Pikmin varieties were trapped in a pitch-black cave for several months. This caused the skin of those Pikmin to become light gray and thinner to let in more light. Later several of the Pikmin grew into candypop buds and then into Onions. However, these Onions were not of the original Pikmin's color, but gray. Since the offspring were of mixed subspecies the Onion let any color in. This led to DNA mixing, causing all future candypop buds from these Pikmin to be randomly colored.

Green Pikmin

Sunny1506 Green Pikmin by Scruffy.png
Main article: Green Pikmin (miscellaneous)

Green Pikmin are Pikmin that are usually resistant to acid and its effects, but can also have a variety of other abilities. Their characteristics, appearance, and other traits vary from game to game.

Glow Pikmin

P4 Glow Pikmin.png
Main article: Glow Pikmin

Glow Pikmin are a type of Pikmin that can only be used during night expeditions and in caves. They have bright green, bioluminescent bodies that, due to their ability to float, end in a tapered, ghostly tail. They have blue eyes, though one is larger than the other and has a light blue pupil. Glow Pikmin have pointed yellow petals and appear to be the smallest of any Pikmin type. Notably, they automatically advance in maturity, and will not lose their flowers if they are shaken off.

Hairy Pikmin

Main article: Hairy Pikmin

The Hairy Pikmin is a Pikmin that has a body covered in hair.

Honey Pikmin

Main article: Honey Pikmin

Honey Pikmin are a species of golden colored Pikmin, they are noted for their golden sheen similar to Nectar and having a texture similar to honey. They have slow mobility and require a Underground Amber Candypop Bud in order to be created, their lack of identifiable mouths makes them unable to drink Nectar and as such getting flowers for them are harder than other types.

Hybrid Pikmin

Main article: Hybrid Pikmin

Hybrid Pikmin are special Pikmin that can be enhanced using special berries that only appear, randomly, in caves. Enhancements can be reversed at any time, but are otherwise permanent, and undoing the use of a berry will waste that berry. Additionally, there can be no more than two enhancements applied at a time.

Ice Pikmin

P4 Ice Pikmin.png
Main article: Ice Pikmin

These Pikmin seem to be made entirely of solid ice. They can make bridges of ice with which to cross bodies of water merely by walking over it. They are also the only Pikmin to withstand blizzard attacks. They can break open ice blocks that have treasures or other objects within. When an Ice Pikmin is eaten by an enemy, that particular enemy will become frozen for a short time.

Iguana Pikmin

Main article: Iguana Pikmin

The Iguana Pikmin is a type of Pikmin with a tongue and can change color to match its surroundings. Iguana Pikmin have a gold leaf, bronze bud, and a flower with bronze petals and a gold center. Their tongues comically stick slightly out of their mouths.

Indigo Pikmin

Main article: Indigo Pikmin

Indigo Pikmin are found in Bulblax Bog, and like their Purple Pikmin descendants they have the strength and weight of ten Pikmin and can stun and kill enemies easily, though they are very slow. Indigo Pikmin are blue-violet and have a dark green leaf on their heads, which can be replaced by a pink bud or flower depending on their maturity.

Knight Pikmin

Main article: Knight Pikmin

Knight Pikmin can defend themselves, and they also have protective armor made from acorn shells and leaves. They carry swords(they're really just sticks) and leaf shields. Knight Pikmin can't be eaten by Bulborbs, but even if they're swallowed, they will attack the enemy from the inside.

Leaf Pikmin

Leaf Pikmin.png
Main article: Leaf Pikmin

Leaf Pikmin are Green Pikmin with leaf wings. Glide when thrown, Floats in air currents. Can camouflage from enemies while idle and act as a hiding spot for other Pikmin. Can find objects buried in clover roots.

Lichen Pikmin

PF Lichen Pikmin.png
Main article: Lichen Pikmin

They are smaller but proportionally taller than the average Pikmin, and they are completely covered in an extremely soft green moss-like fur; Captain Olimar wonders if Lichen Pikmin are simply made of lichen without any skeletal support. Lichen Pikmin are extremophiles; they can survive in intense conditions. They are the only type of Pikmin immune to pollutants (a hazard that cannot be removed), and only Lichen Pikmin can carry ice. They can slowly float across water bodies (they cannot sink down like Blue Pikmin), and if they enter murky water they will clear up a small radius around them

Light Blue Pikmin

Main article: Light Blue Pikmin

They are average sized and have a fluffy tail so that they can withstand cold traps. They also can burrow through snow and ice, destroying the ice barriers that you find in some places

Light Pikmin

Main article: Light Pikmin

Light Pikmin glow in the dark. They are 0.4x times as strong as a normal pikmin, and are quite fast.

Lime Pikmin

PNE Lime Pikmin.png
Main article: Lime Pikmin

They are immune to acid and radiation. They do normal damage. Their skin is immune to radioactive materials and is acid proof.


Main article: Lumin

Lumins are Light Blue, Bio-Luminescent pikmin. They are the first type of pikmin found in Pikmin: Dusk and Dawn. When thrown, they root themselves into the ground and become Glowcaps that can light up dark areas. To unroot them, blow your whistle near them.

Magenta Pikmin

Main article: Magenta Pikmin

This pikmin will never lose its flower. When you sprout Magenta Pikmin, they will have a flower as soon as they are in the ground.

Mahogany Pikmin

Mahogany Pikmin.jpg
Main article: Mahogany Pikmin

They are immune to Fire like their Red Pikmin decendants but are also immune to Magma and Enviromental Hazards like Geothermal Radiation.

Mint Pikmin

Main article: Mint Pikmin

They use photosynthesis, and their skin changes color depending on how much light they are receiving. When above ground, Mint Pikmin take on a light green color. In caves, they may turn a pinkish, light orange, or ivory hue. Additionally, they have twig-like horns which they can use to charge enemies. Somehow, these Pikmin can also heal their leaders.


Main article: Moldmin

Moldmin are the end results of Mold infecting Pikmin, they take the form of olive green Pikmin which is covered in a emerald green splotches, no matter the type of Pikmin infected with mold they have the same body structure, being squat mold covered Beings with another clump of mold on their stems.

Moss Pikmin

Main article: Moss Pikmin

Moss Pikmin are the requisite cold-resistant Pikmin type. They are discovered in the Woods of Occlusion. Their bodies are covered in a fluffy teal moss that insulates them and prevents them from freezing solid when subjected to extremely cold temperatures.

Mushroom Pikmin

P1 Mushroom Pikmin.png
Main article: Mushroom Pikmin

Mushroom Pikmin, less frequently known as Toadmin or Puffmin, is the name given to Pikmin that are under the control of a sporovid such as a Puffstool. After being showered with spores, infected Pikmin will make a small aggressive sound and will change in appearance and behavior.


Main article: Nimkip

Nimkip are variants of Pikmin which the Player has no control over, they are completely enemies. When the player encounters them in a cavern, there are often 30-50 of them, each emitting a hazard. This makes them efficient counters to Pikmin, as a careless attack can lead to major losses.

Nuclear Pikmin

Main article: Nuclear Pikmin

Nuclear Pikmin have been infected by a nearby abandoned Radiation Power Plant, and have mutated. Also, parts of their skeleton are shown cause of the radiation it throws off. They can also instantly kill enemies that get close enough.

Olive Pikmin

Main article: Olive Pikmin

They are alot harder to harvest than most other pikmin in the game because they lack onions just like purple or white pikmin. Because of this, it is nessecary to obtain the Olive Medal before being able to harvest them in their artificial onions. Otherwise, the only way that they can be made is by throwing non-olive pikmin into a Jade Candypop Bud. Because the pikmin live at the top of a Tree Climb they tend to like lighter places and even have a black mask that covers their faces to shield them from super bright light. This gives them great vision in places where it is very sunny out but causes them to be extremely poor at seeing in the dark. This means that their vision gets worse and worse as the sun goes down and the light dims. Their vision is at its worst in caves where it is always pitch black. This causes them to trip more often and stray away from the main group.


Main article: Omnipikmin

Omnipikmin are pikmin that can be made from dual buds. They are the nastiest pikmin, and can only die if thrown off a sublevel.

Orange Pikmin

PV Orange Pikmin.png
Main article: Orange Pikmin

Orange Pikmin are Pikmin that are usually resistant to explosions, but can also have a variety of other abilities. Their characteristics, appearance, and other traits vary from game to game.


Main article: Pikgem

Pikgems are a non-canonical type of Pikmin found in the Challenge Mode. They resemble crystalline Bulbmin, and come in twenty-five types. Pikgems are immune to all hazards including blunt force; they can only die from explosions or by falling into pits. They also have the attack strength of Purple Pikmin, and regular running, swimming, and carrying speeds. In essence, they are ideal Pikmin for completing a particularly difficult stage.

Pineapple Pikmin

Main article: Pineapple Pikmin

Pineapple Pikmin have two distinct growth stages: the Baby Pineapple Pikmin, and the Ultimate Pineapple Pikmin. Baby Pineapple Pikmin are edible by leaders and follow Ultimate Pineapple Pikmin as they patrol an area. They are harmless to leaders and live in the Pineapple Onion. Ultimate Pineapple Pikmin are adult Pineapple Pikmin that may eat leaders foolish enough to get close to them.

Pink Pikmin

Main article: Pink Pikmin

They are pink in color, have a very long nose, and on their back are a pair of light green wings that allow them to fly. They inflict as much damage as a Purple Pikmin and carry objects the slowest of all Pikmin types, even Purple Pikmin.

Plasm Pikmin

Plasm Pikmin drawing.jpg
Main article: Plasm Pikmin

Plasm Pikmin are a type of Pikmin composed entirely of plasm. They have no Onion of their own and are instead generated from blobs of plasm found in places such as caves. Plasm Pikmin are unique from other Pikmin in that they become weaker over time, gradually reducing their attack power and mobility. They eventually die once enough time has passed.

Primordial Pikmin

Main article: Primordial Pikmin

Primordial Pikmin are a mysterious type of Pikmin. They are the largest know type of pikmin, being a bit taller than Purple Pikmin. Primordial pikmin are not immune to water-based attacks, but they can swin on the surface of water. The glow in the dark caves to aid other pikmin in seeing. They are very mysterious, and are belived to be one of the earliest types of the mordern day example of pikmin...

Purple Pikmin

P3 Purple Pikmin.png
Main article: Purple Pikmin

Purple Pikmin have short hairs, pink flowers, and are bulkier than other Pikmin types. They are present in Pikmin 2, as well as the alternative game modes of Pikmin 3. They weigh 10 times as much as other Pikmin types, are slower than other types, can carry 10 times the weight of other types, and can attack with a strong pound capable of stunning enemies. They are native to caves and do not have an Onion, meaning that they can only be grown by throwing other Pikmin into Candypop Buds.

Rainbow Pikmin

Rainbow Pikmin.jpg
Main article: Rainbow Pikmin

They can resist a multitude of hazards and overall have high stats, although their carrying capacity is one and they cannot survive sunset. Most notably, Rainbow Pikmin can survive being hit by rainbow shockwaves, but exposure to them will cause them to lose a single color, and should a Rainbow Pikmin lose all six of its colors, it will revert to whichever Pikmin it was before.

Raposa Pikmin

Main article: Raposa Pikmin

Raposa Pikmin, as their name says is a Pikmin with fox-like ears.

Rebel Mushroom Pikmin

PtDoP Rebel Mushroom Pikmin.png
Main article: Rebel Mushroom Pikmin

Rebel Mushroom Pikmin are beige-colored Mushroom Pikmin that fight for leaders. They have the same powers as the Pikmin they were before being converted. They will turn back once a Puffstool dies

Red Pikmin

HP Red Pikmin.png
Main article: Red Pikmin

Red Pikmin have pointy noses and white flowers, and are present in all Pikmin games. They are resistant to fire and have a strong attack strength, making them good at combat. They are the first type discovered in all Pikmin games.

Robot Pikmin

Main article: Robot Pikmin

Robot Pikmin, also known as Grey Pikmin, are robot Pikmin that were made at Planet Hocotate to serve as workers on the Pikmin Planet so that they wouldn't have to go though the trouble of enslaving the Pikmin.

Rock Pikmin

P3 Rock Pikmin.png
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Rock Pikmin are grey, shaped like rocks, and have purple flowers. They are present in Pikmin 3 and Hey! Pikmin. Their hardness allows them to destroy crystal obstacles, attack enemies through a powerful direct impact, and be resistant to blunt force.

Saber-Tooth Pikmin

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It is unique because it has a mouth lined with very sharp teeth. It is the only species of Pikmin other than Bulbmin and Blue Pikmin to actually have a mouth.

Sandy Pikmin

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They're special feature is have a spiky antenne, much like a rose. Quicksand is a hazard that only these pikmin can overcome. They run through quicksand, while other pikmin will sink.

Scientist Pikmin

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Scientist Pikmin are a species of Pikmin born from a science lab to revive the Pikmin race from extinction.

Shadow Pikmin

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Shadow Pikmin are a type of Pikmin that cannot be controlled. They are black with glowing red eyes and seem to be made a gas-like substance rather than a physical being. Shadow Pikmin are commanded by the Shadow Queen who has turned Pikmin against each other and is attempting to kill all other Pikmin colors. They are able to possess rogue Pikmin and Bulbmin and ravage enemies with their claws. The only way to defeat Shadow Pikmin is to use elemental power-ups as no physical attack will work.

Shield Pikmin

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Shield Pikmin are a species of Pikmin with a shield-like appendage connected to them, making them resistant to explosions.

Silver Pikmin

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The Silver Pikmin is silver in color with a bronze bud.

Skeletal Pikmin

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Skeletal Pikmin have been electrocuted rapidly, and the skin burned away. The pikmin still has a brain that can support its life force, but it acts mindless though...

Slime Pikmin

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Slime Pikmin are the seventh Pikmin to be discovered, and are a species of Pikmin that are grown via Candypop Buds. Due to their stick exterior, they have a the ability to stick onto things, and such, can be used for puzzle solving, battling, and getting to objects that other Pikmin types can't reach. Also due to this, they can't die from falling. They are immune to the different types of toxicity a Chemistry hazard can have. Water is the most lethal to these little guys, as they will dissolve very quickly into the water. Their flower's pedals have a lime color to them. If an enemy eats one, they'll be eaten, but the rest of the Pikmin will be spit out. This can work together with White Pikmin and their poison effect.

Snow Pikmin

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They are resistant to ice and falling snowballs, and are able to destroy ice and snow walls.

Sonic Pikmin

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It has a mouth and has the ability to unleash a sonic wave that mutilates anything it hits. They are discovered in Darkened Treehouse, in the open, surrounded by a Burrowing Snagret and a herd of Orange Bulborbs. Sonic Pikmin are needed to unlock the Winged Pikmin class.

Spectral Pikmin

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Spectral Pikmin will follow you and if you run out of pikmin, their ectoplasm will solidify and you can throw them until one live pikmin is alive. When they are solid, instead of dying, they will unsolidify.

Spherical Pikmin

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As the name implies, Spherical Pikmin are a species of Pikmin that resemble a ball in shape.

Spike Pikmin

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Spike Pikmin can latch on to prey with its spiky hands, with a 50% chance of their prey getting poisoned when latched on to. Spike Pikmin also have a chance to cause damage when eaten.

Stinger Pikmin

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Sting Pikmin are a subspecies of Pikmin that excel in dealing lingering damage to foes, alongside hindering their movement. Sting Pikmin attack enemies by dive-bombing and stinging them. While the sting itself does little damage, the venom they inject with their attack deals a long-lasting damage over time effect, and can even slow enemies.

Striped Pikmin

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The Striped Pikmin is a very rare species of Pikmin, but it is one of the most powerful. It has the power of telekinesis, and it is immune to all mind-related attacks.

Swimmuscle Pikmin

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The Swimmuscle Pikmin is an unusual type of pikmin because it cannot carry enemies.

Talking Pikmin

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The Talking Pikmin is about one fourth the size of a White Pikmin, and has the other abilities of the color it is. However, when the player has a Talking Pikmin in their group of Pikmin, the other Pikmin become more responsive to Olimar, because the Talking Pikmin help spread commands throughout the group.

Tan Pikmin

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Tan Pikmin are able to change quicksand pits into solid ground, allowing other Pikmin to safely pass. They can also sense sandstorms occurring in the Oasis from the air, and so they can be seen on the area select screen as a swirling tornado. Sandstorms are dangerous to all but Tan Pikmin, as only they have skin thick enough to withstand the sand particles blowing in the violent winds.


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The Tanookimin have no resistances, but it's skills are enhanced. When throw far away, they open the suit's wings to fly for some seconds and reach further areas. When throw closer, they give a little jump like Mario, which help them reaching higher areas. Their jump capabilities are similar to the jump capabilities of the Yellow Pikmin.

Teal Pikmin

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They are a dark greyish blue and have dark green leaves on their heads or a white bud or flower. like their Blue Pikmin decendants thet are immune to Water but can also survive Rain, an Enviromental Hazard.

Tech Pikmin

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Test Pikmin

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Test Pikmin are artificial Pikmin that resemble dolls.

Thorn Pikmin

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Can stick to soft-bodied enemies (i.e. Bulborbs and Wollywogs), and plants. Deal damage when eaten/crushed by certain enemies. May cause the enemy flinch when bitten by certain enemies. Can weigh down certain plants to make bridges or climbable poles for other pikmin.

Titan Pikmin (giant)

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Compared to the other Pikmin, it is the largest known species of Pikmin discovered to date, standing as tall as a Baldy Long Legs according to Alph's Pikmin entries. This large size protects it from the Pikmin's usual predators. Its skin resembles tree bark, with a set of large leaves on the sides of its head, and a group of leaves on top of its head to mirror a flower. Interestingly, the arms, legs, and torso have distinctive markings that resemble those of a Mamuta. It also has a distinctly long, pointed nose, similar to that of a Red Pikmin.

Titan Pikmin (ninja)

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The Titan Pikmin is the fourth Pikmin type discovered in Emperal Shrine, where they play an important part in progressing through the area as they can open ancient walls. Titan Pikmin can track and kill various ninja enemies, such as the Ninja Bulborb or the Ninja Dweevil, and also help anticipate the attacks of ninja enemies.


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Pikmin that resemble Mario's Toad characters.

Verdigris Pikmin

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These Pikmin have an unusual glow about them, being colored a kind of darker turquoise. They have a higher-pitched voice as well. They are nimble, can dig fast, and have a carrying capacity of five. They are immune to Eternitus. However, they are more easily killed by enemies.

White Mushroom Pikmin

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These Pikmin attack you and your Pikmin, and also attack Mushroom Pikmin.

White Pikmin

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White Pikmin have red eyes and pink flowers, and are present in Pikmin 2, as well as the alternative game modes of Pikmin 3. They are resistant to poison, are faster than other Pikmin types, can poison enemies upon being eaten, and can dig hidden underground treasures other types cannot see. They are native to caves and do not have an Onion, meaning that they can only be grown by throwing other Pikmin into Candypop Buds.

Winged Pikmin

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Winged Pikmin are pink and have wings, blue eyes, and purple flowers. They are present in Pikmin 3 and Hey! Pikmin. They can fly over water and low barriers, allowing them to take shortcuts when carrying, as well as making it harder for enemies to attack them, but their attack strength is lower than other Pikmin types.

Wolf Pikmin

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Wolf Pikmin have dark-grey fur with a lighter grey belly, turquoise eyes, and claws that are always unsheathed. Their flower resembles that of a Dogwood Tree's, being white with pink "veins". They also have a dog-like nose and small, pointed ears.

Wood Pikmin

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It may burn easily since it is made of wood, but it has the same power as Red Pikmin.

Wraith Pikmin

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Wraith Pikmin are the shape of a normal Pikmin but bear a watery, translucent body and have no eyes or defining characteristics other than a stem ending in the traditional leaf, bud, or flower. When commenting on them, rather than the intrigue that they show with most Pikmin, leaders regard Wraith Pikmin with great unease and fear. Thanks to their ghostly presence, Wraith Pikmin are immune to all hazards, get a five point zero attack multiplier, and can even destroy illusions like Black Pikmin can. However, their most powerful ability is to open rifts to other dimensions. These rifts have side-quests in randomly generated, maze-like dungeons, adding replay value to the endgame.


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Xmin are completely overpowered Pikmin, capable of multiple resistence and stronger than most other pikmin types.

Yellow Pikmin

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Yellow Pikmin have large ears and white flowers, and are present in all Pikmin games. They can be thrown higher than other types, but their other unique abilities vary by game. In Pikmin, they are the only type that can carry bomb rocks. In Pikmin 2, Pikmin 3, and Hey! Pikmin, they are resistant to electricity (they can also conduct electricity in Pikmin 3 and Hey! Pikmin). In Pikmin 3, they can dig faster than most other Pikmin types.

Yellow-Green Pikmin

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Regarded as the most intelligent of all the naturally-evolving Pikmin.

Zombie Pikmin

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The Zombie Pikmin are grey, with a rotten exterior. Their normal stages of enhancement still apply: Leaf, Bud, and Flower, though the leaf, bud, and flowers are wilting and appear to be dying as a result of their zombification. They turn Pikmin against leaders on contact, spreading the zombie virus. Each Zombie Pikmin has the resistance and voice of their live counterpart, although their voice is low-pitched and distorted.