Pikmin family

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Pikmin family" article for more official information.

The Pikmin family consists of often humanoid, friendly creatures.


Alien Pikmin

Main article: Alien Pikmin

The Alien Pikmin is an extraterrestrial Pikmin.

Alloy Pikmin

Main article: Alloy Pikmin

The Alloy Pikmin is made of a particularly heavy metal.

Alpha Bulbearmin

Main article: Alpha Bulbearmin

The Alpha Bulbearmin is a mighty grub-dog infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Amber Pikmin

Main article: Amber Pikmin

The Amber Pikmin has a shiny, orange coating.

Amethyst Pikmin

Main article: Amethyst Pikmin

The Amethyst Pikmin is made out of amethyst or may utilize it.

Aqua Pikmin

Main article: Aqua Pikmin

The Aqua Pikmin has avian features, and may be difficult to shake off.

Ascended Pikmin

Main article: Ascended Pikmin

The Ascended Pikmin is a Pikmin that has transcended to a higher plane of existence.

Assassin Pikmin

Main article: Assassin Pikmin

The Assassin Pikmin is nimble in its movements and attacks.

Azure Pikmin

Main article: Azure Pikmin

The Azure Pikmin has two stems.

Beige Pikmin

Main article: Beige Pikmin

The Beige Pikmin has a brownish coloration.

Black Pikmin

Main article: Black Pikmin

The Black Pikmin may have numerous abilities, like resistance to lubricant or adhesive.


Main article: Blikmin

The Blikmin is an aggressive, Pikmin-like creature.

Bloat Pikmin

Main article: Bloat Pikmin

The Bloat Pikmin has a swollen appearance.

Block Pikmin

Main article: Block Pikmin

The Block Pikmin has a body similar in shape to a cube.

Blue Bulbmin

Main article: Blue Bulbmin

The Blue Bulbmin is a Blue Bulborb infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Blue Pikmin

Main article: Blue Pikmin

The Blue Pikmin is immune to water and can swim in it, along with being able to save drowning Pikmin.

Bomb Rock Pikmin

Main article: Bomb Rock Pikmin

The Bomb Rock Pikmin can explode gates, or be resistant to explosions.

Bone Pikmin

Main article: Bone Pikmin

The Bone Pikmin is immune to acid and radiation, and can form staircases and bridges.

Boom Pikmin

Main article: Boom Pikmin

The Boom Pikmin can detonate itself and cause a violent explosion.

Boulder Pikmin

Main article: Boulder Pikmin

The Boulder Pikmin has a dense layer of stone covering its body.

Boxer Pikmin

Main article: Boxer Pikmin

The Boxer Pikmin uses punches to attack instead of latching on and attacking.


Main article: Breadmin

The Breadmin is a breadbug infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Bronze Pikmin

Main article: Bronze Pikmin

The Bronze Pikmin has a brown, metallic skin coloration.

Brown Pikmin

Main article: Brown Pikmin

The Brown Pikmin has a brown coloration and is immune to mud, earth, and sand.


Main article: Bulbearmin

The Bulbearmin is a bulbear infected by a parasitic Pikmin.


Main article: Bulbmin

The Bulbmin is a bulborb infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Bulletproof Pikmin

Main article: Bulletproof Pikmin

The Bulletproof Pikmin is immune to projectiles.

Burgundy Pikmin

Main article: Burgundy Pikmin

The Burgundy Pikmin is immune to heat, as well as lava and fire.

Camouflage Pikmin

Main article: Camouflage Pikmin

The Camouflage Pikmin can blend itself into its surroundings.

Captain Pikmin

Main article: Captain Pikmin

The Captain Pikmin can command other Pikmin of its kind.


Main article: Captmin

The Captmin is a captain that has been infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Cat Pikmin

Main article: Cat Pikmin

The Cat Pikmin has feline-like features.

Cerulean Pikmin

Main article: Cerulean Pikmin

The Cerulean Pikmin has a bluish coloration.

Challenge Pikmin

Main article: Challenge Pikmin

The Challenge Pikmin can only be found in games with a Challenge Mode.

Chrome Pikmin

Main article: Chrome Pikmin

The Chrome Pikmin has a silver, polished coloration.

Clanking Pikmin

Main article: Clanking Pikmin

The Clanking Pikmin produces a distinct metal sound as it moves.

Clawed Pikmin

Main article: Clawed Pikmin

The Clawed Pikmin is equipped with sharp claws.

Cleaner Pikmin

Main article: Cleaner Pikmin

The Cleaner Pikmin can neutralize and clean substances and other containments.

Clear Pikmin

Main article: Clear Pikmin

The Clear Pikmin has translucent skin.

Climbing Pikmin

Main article: Climbing Pikmin

The Climbing Pikmin can climb across walls and other surfaces with ease.

Clone Pikmin

Main article: Clone Pikmin

The Clone Pikmin can create duplicates of itself.

Coastal Rock Pikmin

Main article: Coastal Rock Pikmin

The Coastal Rock Pikmin is adapted to beach-like environments.

Cobalt Pikmin

Main article: Cobalt Pikmin

The Cobalt Pikmin has a metallic, cobalt skin.

Cobble Pikmin

Main article: Cobble Pikmin

The Cobble Pikmin has a coloration similar to cobblestone.

Colonizing Bulbmin

Main article: Colonizing Bulbmin

The Colonizing Bulbmin is a grub-dog infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Creeper Pikmin

Main article: Creeper Pikmin

The Creeper Pikmin explodes upon death.

Crystal Pikmin

Main article: Crystal Pikmin

The Crystal Pikmin has a body made out of crystal.

Cuddly Pikmin

Main article: Cuddly Pikmin

The Cuddly Pikmin obsessively cuddles its victims.

Cursed Pikmin

Main article: Cursed Pikmin

The Cursed Pikmin is cursed, its attributes suffering greatly.

Cutter Pikmin

Main article: Cutter Pikmin

The Cutter Pikmin can cut through obstacles and objects.

Cyan Pikmin

Main article: Cyan Pikmin

The Cyan Pikmin has a cyan coloration, and may be immune to cold temperatures and ice.

Dark Green Pikmin

Main article: Dark Green Pikmin

The Dark Green Pikmin has a drab, green coloration.

Dark Pikmin

Main article: Dark Pikmin

The Dark Pikmin is corrupted or made out of dark matter.

Dart Pikmin

Main article: Dart Pikmin

The Dart Pikmin can be thrown like a javelin and can impale enemies.

Decaying Pikmin

Main article: Decaying Pikmin

The Decaying Pikmin is infected by mold, or another infliction.

Decor Pikmin

Main article: Decor Pikmin

Decor Pikmin function as regular Pikmin, but wear decorative outfits.

Demon Pikmin

Main article: Demon Pikmin

The Demon Pikmin is an unholy, antagonistic Pikmin.

Desert Pikmin

Main article: Desert Pikmin

The Desert Pikmin is adapted to live in humid, dry environments.

Diamond Pikmin

Main article: Diamond Pikmin

The Diamond Pikmin is made out of diamond.

Digital Pikmin

Main article: Digital Pikmin

The Digital Pikmin is made out of code.

Dimensional Pikmin

Main article: Dimensional Pikmin

The Dimensional Pikmin can open up rifts between dimensions.

Dino Pikmin

Main article: Dino Pikmin

The Dino Pikmin is a prehistoric Pikmin.

Doom Pikmin

Main article: Doom Pikmin

The Doom Pikmin is infused with doom energy.

Dual Pikmin

Main article: Dual Pikmin

The Dual Pikmin is a merging of any two Pikmin types.

Dust Pikmin

Main article: Dust Pikmin

The Dust Pikmin is made out of or covered in dust particles.

Electric Pikmin

Main article: Electric Pikmin

The Electric Pikmin has vibrant, blue skin.

Elixer Pikmin

Main article: Elixer Pikmin

The Elixer Pikmin can be charged by fire to become more powerful.

Energy Pikmin

Main article: Dimensional Pikmin

The Energy Pikmin is made out of energy or aura.

Fiery Bulbmin

Main article: Fiery Bulbmin

The Fiery Bulbmin is a fiery grub-dog infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Fire Pikmin

Main article: Fire Pikmin

The Fire Pikmin is made out of and can utilize fire.


Main article: Fishmin

The Fishmin is a Pikmin or Pikmin-like creature that inhabits waters.

Flower Pikmin

Main article: Flower Pikmin

The Flower Pikmin is a Pikmin that has a permanent flower or flowers on its body.

Flying Pikmin

Main article: Flying Pikmin

Flying Pikmin possess the ability to flight and have blue skin.

Forest Pikmin

Main article: Forest Pikmin

The Forest Pikmin inhabits lush, forest environments.

Fossil Pikmin

Main article: Fossil Pikmin

The Fossil Pikmin utilizes bones as armor.

Fox Pikmin

Main article: Fox Pikmin

The Fox Pikmin has fox-like characteristics.

Germ Pikmin

Main article: Germ Pikmin

The Germ Pikmin is made of a corrosive substance.

Ghost Pikmin

Main article: Ghost Pikmin

The Ghost Pikmin is a deceased Pikmin.

Giant Pikmin

Main article: Giant Pikmin

The Giant Pikmin is a colossal Pikmin.

Glass Pikmin

Main article: Glass Pikmin

The Glass Pikmin is made out of glass.

Glow Pikmin

Main article: Glow Pikmin

The Glow Pikmin is a glowing, aerial Pikmin that inhabits Lumiknolls.

Gold Pikmin

Main article: Gold Pikmin

The Gold Pikmin is made out of gold, or has a golden coloration.

Gray Pikmin

Main article: Gray Pikmin

The Gray Pikmin has a gray coloration and may be subterranean.

Green Bulbmin

Main article: Green Bulbmin

The Green Bulbmin is a Green Bulborb infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Green Pikmin

Main article: Green Pikmin

The Green Pikmin has a green coloration and is usually resistant to acid, but may have other abilities.


Main article: Groinkmin

The Groinkmin is a shot-fish infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Hairy Bulbmin

Main article: Hairy Bulbmin

The Hairy Bulbmin is a hairy grub-dog infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Hairy Pikmin

Main article: Hairy Pikmin

The Hairy Pikmin has a body covered in hair.

Honey Pikmin

Main article: Honey Pikmin

The Honey Pikmin has a particularly sticky composition


Main article: Hopmin

The Hopmin has excellent jumping capabilities.

Hybrid Pikmin

Main article: Hybrid Pikmin

The Hybrid Pikmin is a Pikmin modified by other genetic matter.

Hypno Pikmin

Main article: Hypno Pikmin

The Hypno Pikmin can hypnotize enemies or cause mental afflictions.

Ice Pikmin

Main article: Ice Pikmin

The Ice Pikmin is immune to ice and can freeze enemies that are attacked by or eat it.

Iguana Pikmin

Main article: Iguana Pikmin

The Iguana Pikmin has iguana-like characteristics.

Indigo Pikmin

Main article: Indigo Pikmin

The Indigo Pikmin has an indigo coloration.

Jelly Pikmin

Main article: Jelly Pikmin

The Jelly Pikmin has a body made out of jelly, or a sticky substance.

Jungle Pikmin

Main article: Jungle Pikmin

The Jungle Pikmin inhabits jungles and may be poisonous.

Kelp Pikmin

Main article: Kelp Pikmin

The Kelp Pikmin is aquatic and has an elongated leaf.

Knight Pikmin

Main article: Knight Pikmin

The Knight Pikmin protects itself using medieval armor.

Lavender Pikmin

Main article: Lavender Pikmin

The Lavender Pikmin has a lavender coloration.

Leaf Pikmin

Main article: Leaf Pikmin

The Leaf Pikmin has a green coloration and is covered in wings.

Lichen Pikmin

Main article: Lichen Pikmin

The Lichen Pikmin appears to be covered in moss.

Light Blue Pikmin

Main article: Light Blue Pikmin

The Light Blue Pikmin is immune to high temperatures and water.

Light Pikmin

Main article: Light Pikmin

The Light Pikmin can emit light from its body.

Lime Pikmin

Main article: Lime Pikmin

The Lime Pikmin has a light green coloration, and may be immune to acid or radiation.


Main article: Lithomin

The Lithomin is a lithopod infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Magenta Pikmin

Main article: Magenta Pikmin

The Magenta Pikmin has a flower that's extremely difficult to lose.

Mahogany Pikmin

Main article: Mahogany Pikmin

The Mahogany Pikmin has a deep red coloration.

Metal Pikmin

Main article: Metal Pikmin

The Metal Pikmin has a metallic skin or may use chunks of metal as protection.


Main article: Minmin

The Minmin is a yellow, bioluminescent Pikmin.

Mint Pikmin

Main article: Mint Pikmin

The Mint Pikmin has a light-teal coloration.

Misty Pikmin

Main article: Misty Pikmin

The Misty Pikmin is made out of mist or may produce fog.


Main article: Moldmin

The Moldmin is a Pikmin infected by mold.

Moss Pikmin

Main article: Moss Pikmin

The Moss Pikmin is a Pikmin coated in moss.


Main article: Musclemin

The Musclemin has extra muscle growth.

Mushroom Pikmin

Main article: Mushroom Pikmin

The Mushroom Pikmin is a Pikmin either infected by spores, or has a mushroom instead of a flower.


Main article: Nimkip

The Nimkip is a hostile Pikmin.

Nuclear Pikmin

Main article: Nuclear Pikmin

The Nuclear Pikmin is a Pikmin that emits radiation.

Oasis Pikmin

Main article: Oasis Pikmin

The Oasis Pikmin inhabits the water of desert oases.

Olive Pikmin

Main article: Olive Pikmin

The Olive Pikmin has an olive coloration.

Oil Pikmin

Main article: Oil Pikmin

The Oil Pikmin has a slick body covered in lubricant.


Main article: Omnipikmin

The Omnipikmin is an all-powerful Pikmin.

Orange Bulbmin

Main article: Orange Bulbmin

The Orange Bulbmin is an Orange Bulborb infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Orange Pikmin

Main article: Orange Pikmin

The Orange Pikmin have an orange coloration and are usually resistant to explosions, but can also have a variety of other abilities.

Original Pikmin

Main article: Original Pikmin

The Original Pikmin is thought to be the first Pikmin to exist.

Painter Pikmin

Main article: Painter Pikmin

The Painter Pikmin can produce a paint-like substance.

Para Pikmin

Main article: Para Pikmin

The Para Pikmin has flaps of skin which allows it to glide through the air.

Parasitic Pikmin

Main article: Parasitic Pikmin

The Parasitic Pikmin can infect other organisms as hosts.


Main article: Pik-at-Legs

The Pik-at-Legs is a biomechanical arachnorb infected by a parasitic Pikmin.


Main article: Pikgem

The Pikgem is made out of a particularly precious gemstone.

Pixel Pikmin

Main article: Pixel Pikmin

The Pixel Pikmin is made out of pixels or voxels.

Pineapple Pikmin

Main article: Pineapple Pikmin

The Pineapple Pikmin has spiny, orange skin and leaves.

Pink Pikmin

Main article: Pink Pikmin

The Pink Pikmin has a pink-coloration and a feminine appearance.

Plasm Pikmin

Main article: Plasm Pikmin

The Plasm Pikmin is made out of plasm.

Plasma Pikmin

Main article: Plasma Pikmin

The Plasma Pikmin can disable machinery by being near it.

Polkadot Pikmin

Main article: Polkadot Pikmin

The Polkadot Pikmin is covered in a polkadot pattern.

Primordial Pikmin

Main article: Primordial Pikmin

The Primordial Pikmin is a primeval Pikmin.

Pixel Pikmin

Main article: Puffmin Grunt

The Puffmin Grunt is infected by spores and is much more powerful than other Puffmin.

Purple Pikmin

Main article: Purple Pikmin

The Purple Pikmin has a purple coloration, and a larger body mass which can cause shockwaves and stun enemies.

Rainbow Pikmin

Main article: Rainbow Pikmin

The Rainbow Pikmin has a rainbow coloration.

Rebel Mushroom Pikmin

Main article: Rebel Mushroom Pikmin

The Rebel Mushroom Pikmin is a Pikmin infected by spores that fights for captains.

Rebel Pikmin

Main article: Rebel Pikmin

The Rebel Pikmin is hostile to all Pikmin and captains.

Red Pikmin

Main article: Red Pikmin

The Red Pikmin has a crimson coloration, and is immune to fire along with dealing extra damage.


Main article: Retsmin

The Retsmin has canine-like qualities.

Roach Pikmin

Main article: Roach Pikmin

The Roach Pikmin has insect-like characteristics.

Robot Pikmin

Main article: Robot Pikmin

The Robot Pikmin is mechanical.

Rock Pikmin

Main article: Rock Pikmin

The Rock Pikmin has a rocky composition, and can break crystals as well as being immune to blunt force.

Rose Pikmin

Main article: Rose Pikmin

The Rose Pikmin a rose-colored, often feminine Pikmin.

Rust Pikmin

Main article: Rust Pikmin

The Rust Pikmin has a rusted coloration.

Saber-Tooth Pikmin

Main article: Saber-Tooth Pikmin

The Saber-Tooth Pikmin has sharp, canine teeth.

Sand Pikmin

Main article: Sand Pikmin

The Sand Pikmin is either covered in or made of sand.

Scarlet Pikmin

Main article: Scarlet Pikmin

Scarlet Pikmin ​have scaly, serpent-like skin, and a crimson-red coloration.

Scientist Pikmin

Main article: Scientist Pikmin

The Scientist Pikmin appears to wear a labcoat, and may be immune to radiation and perform experiments.

Seawud Grabber

Main article: Seawud Grabber

The Seawud Grabber resembles seaweed and drags Pikmin into the water it inhabits.


Main article: Seawudlet

The Seawudlet is a juvenile Seawud Grabber.

Shield Pikmin

Main article: Shield Pikmin

Shield Pikmin are a species of Pikmin with a shield-like appendage connected to them, making them resistant to explosions.

Shiny Pikmin

Main article: Shiny Pikmin

The Shiny Pikmin has a shiny, illustrious sheen.

Silver Pikmin

Main article: Silver Pikmin

The Silver Pikmin is silver in color with a bronze bud.

Skeletal Pikmin

Main article: Skeletal Pikmin

The Skeletal Pikmin resembles the skeleton of a Pikmin.

Slime Pikmin

Main article: Slime Pikmin

The Slime Pikmin has a body comprised of slime or a slimy substance.

Snow Pikmin

Main article: Snow Pikmin

The Snow Pikmin is immune to snow and cold temperatures.


Main article: Snagmin

The Snagmin is a snavian infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Solar Pikmin

Main article: Solar Pikmin

The Solar Pikmin is immune to harsh temperatures or may benefit from sunlight.

Sonic Pikmin

Main article: Sonic Pikmin

The Sonic Pikmin can emit sonic waves or may be fast.

Spicy Pikmin

Main article: Spicy Pikmin

The Spicy Pikmin is completely intolerable to eat.

Spherical Pikmin

Main article: Spherical Pikmin

The Spherical Pikmin resembles a ball in shape.

Spider Pikmin

Main article: Spider Pikmin

The Spider Pikmin has arachnid-like characteristics.

Spike Pikmin

Main article: Spike Pikmin

The Spike Pikmin has spikes all over its body.


Main article: Squidmin

The Squidmin has qualities that resemble a squid.

Stalk Pikmin

Main article: Stalk Pikmin

The Stalk Pikmin has a slender, tall body or may stalk its prey.

Steel Pikmin

Main article: Steel Pikmin

The Steel Pikmin has a body comprised of steel.

Stinger Pikmin

Main article: Stinger Pikmin

The Sting Pikmin can deal lethal damage over time to their foes.


Main article: Stingmin

The Stingmin has a stinger to attack enemies.

Stranded Pikmin

Main article: Stranded Pikmin

The Stranded Pikmin is a deserted Pikmin with tanned skin.

Striped Pikmin

Main article: Striped Pikmin

The Striped Pikmin has a striped body.


Main article: Susmin

The Susmin is a suspicious Pikmin that may be an imposter.

Swimmuscle Pikmin

Main article: Swimmuscle Pikmin

The Swimmuscle Pikmin is adapted to water with their muscular body.

Tail Pikmin

Main article: Tail Pikmin

The Tail Pikmin has a secondary stem that acts as a tail.

Talking Pikmin

Main article: Talking Pikmin

The Talking Pikmin is capable of speech.

Tan Pikmin

Main article: Tan Pikmin

The Tan Pikmin has a tan coloration and may be immune to sand, quicksand, or pits.


Main article: Tanookimin

The Tanookimin resembles a Japanese raccoon dog.

Teal Pikmin

Main article: Teal Pikmin

The Teal Pikmin has a teal coloration.

Tech Pikmin

Main article: Tech Pikmin

The Tech Pikmin is a bionic Pikmin.

Test Pikmin

Main article: Test Pikmin

The Test Pikmin is artificial and resembles a doll.


Main article: Toadmin (species)

The Toadmin resembles a Toad from the Super Mario franchise.

Verdigris Pikmin

Main article: Verdigris Pikmin

The Verdigris Pikmin is immune to the eternitus hazard.

White Mushroom Pikmin

Main article: White Mushroom Pikmin

The White Mushroom Pikmin has a white coloration or white mushroom.

White Pikmin

Main article: White Pikmin

The White Pikmin has a white coloration, is poisonous when consumed, can see objects underground and is immune to poison.

Wild Pikmin

Main article: Wild Pikmin

The Wild Pikmin is a Pikmin encountered in caves which can be obtained by captains, but they may be hostile.

Winged Pikmin

Main article: Winged Pikmin

The Winged Pikmin has a pink coloration, and is capable of flight.

Wolf Pikmin

Main article: Wolf Pikmin

The Wolf Pikmin has canine characteristics.


Main article: Wollymin

The Wollymin is an amphituber infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Wonky Pikmin

Main article: Spider Pikmin

The Wonky Pikmin is a particularly odd Pikmin.

Wood Pikmin

Main article: Wood Pikmin

The Wood Pikmin has a body comprised of wood.

Wraith Pikmin

Main article: Wraith Pikmin

The Wraith Pikmin has a body comprised of a translucent, watery substance.


Main article: Xmin

The Xmin is a powerful Pikmin with many resistances.

Yellow Bulbmin

Main article: Yellow Bulbmin

The Yellow Bulbmin is a Yellow Bulborb infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Yellow Pikmin

Main article: Yellow Pikmin

The Yellow Pikmin has a yellow coloration, can be thrown to higher places, is immune to electricity and can conduct it.

Yellow-Green Pikmin

Main article: Yellow-Green Pikmin

The Yellow-Green Pikmin has a yellow-green, sickly coloration.

Zombie Pikmin

Main article: Zombie Pikmin

The Zombie Pikmin is an undead Pikmin.