Creepy Cave

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Pikmin Galaxy Adventure
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Creepy Cave is a cave in Pikmin Galaxy Adventure. It is home to many unnatural creatures (as the name implies).

Sublevel Walkthrough

Sublevel 1

There is not really anything here except for a Miniwraith and one treasure, so defeat the miniwraith to get it out of the way, then collect the treasure, Mysterious Communicator. Go down the hole to the next sublevel.

Sublevel 2

In here, destroy the fire geysers so you can ensure a safe route for non-reds. Toss your blue pikmin in the water to dig up a half-buried treasure, the Super Seed. Take your white pikmin up onto a ledge near the water and they will start going nuts. Then they will dig up the Poisonous Chemical. Go down the hole to sublevel numero tres.

Sublevel 3

In here is a circular arena where you battle a waterwraith. Defeat it and collect the treasure, the Mystical Shell. You can actually avoid the fight entirely, but you will need all the treasures you can in this cave.

Sublevel 4

In here is where you battle the Waterhammerwraith. Defeat it and collect the treasure, Orb of Worlds. Then use the geyser to escape.