Dark Grotto

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Dark Grotto is the nineteenth cave in Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet. It only has three floors, as it is mainly just moving the plot along.

Sublevel 1


Take out every one of the Smoky Bulborbs to move on.

Sublevel 2


Black Pikmin have surrounded you on this sublevel! Try not to get involved with too many at a time, and have your Orange Pikmin throw bomb rocks at them. Some of them flee to sublevel 3...

Sublevel 3 (Final Floor)


The remaining Black Pikmin are trying to release a tough looking, orange Mamuta. However, he has a purple glow around him, and his eyes are completely white. He bursts out of his cage, killing the Black Pikmin, and he goes after Olimar! He is more hostile then a normal Mamuta, and his punches are a one hit kill for pikmin. If you defeat the brute, his purple glow fades away, and his eyes turn back to normal. Astonishingly, he can talk, and explains to Olimar and his son that his name is Ferinus, and that he was captured by the Black Pikmin. He decides to help Olimar and his son from now on!