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Hello Pikmin Fanon. I am Drigibug 313, rollbacker and Creator of Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet, which has been abandoned since 2013 in favor of a new project, Pikmin 2.5.

I am trying to make a few edits a week, can't promise that though with the heavy workload of my university.

If you want to be my friend, put {{Drigibug313Friend}} on your userbox tower. It will result in this:

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If you're a new user and you need help, feel free to ask me! I can usually point you in the right direction.

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Things to Check Out

For Wii U owners, I'd highly recommend picking up Splatoon and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which, along with Pikmin 3 are my top 3 favorite games on that system; in addition, my favorite story of all time, Xenoblade Chronicles, is available on the Wii U virtual console for only $20, which is a steal for a really amazing game. On 3DS, there's a bunch of amazing games that are worth buying, such as those from the Ace Attorney, Kirby, and Pokemon series. And finally, PC owners should check out Terraria and Minecraft for fun games to play with a group, and Plants vs Zombies and Undertale for some solo action.

Now, on to some great Let's Players that you should check out: The Runaway Guys, composed of ChuggaConroy, NintendoCapriSun and ProtonJon are some of the best Youtubers out there, in my opinion, and you should check out their group playthroughs as well as their solo channels if you're interested. In addition, for the more mature crowd, Vinny from the streaming group Vinesauce is a very funny and all-around cool dude to listen to.

What I've Been Playing

Currently playing through Pokemon White and Golden Sun: The Lost Age on my own, two great RPG's with a lot of heart in them. Getting into Smash Bros competitively with friends, check out my NNID below and message me on my talk page if you'd like to battle me. Also playing through Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations with my SO, phenomenal story and characters.

Random Stuff

  • The Libra glitch happened to me the first time I played Pikmin. I never knew how to get it back...
  • My top ten favorite games of all time are:
    • Paper Mario:The Thousand Year Door
    • Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon
    • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
    • de Blob 2
    • Chibi-Robo
    • Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
    • Pikmin 2
    • Xenoblade Chronicles
    • Super Mario Sunshine
    • Pac-Man World 2
  • My first edit was on my very own user page.
  • My 100th edit was on the Sandy Burrow-nit page.
  • My 500th edit was on the Blast Burrow page.
  • I joined this wiki on June 26th, 2011
  • I had a previous account, Galactic Charizard, that I forgot the password for.

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My Sigs

~ I'm DRIGIBUGRocky Dirigibug icon.png313 and I approve this explosion. ~ My regular sig.

~ Happy Holidays, from DrigibugFreezing Dirigibug icon.png313 ~ Christmas sig.

~ Happy Halloween! DrigibugSticky Dirigibug icon.png313 ~ Halloween sig.

Other Accounts

  • My NNID for Wii U is Kingfin128. I've been playing Splatoon and Mario Maker a ton recently.