Dino Bulbear

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Dino Bulbear
Family Grub-dog

The Dino Bulbear is a prehistoric species of grub-dog.

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Dino Bulbear The icon used to represent this enemy.
Dino Bulbear.png
Scientific name Oculus terribilis prehistoricus
Family Grub-dog
Caves Aquos Frontier
Carry weight 45
Max. carriers 45
Seed worth 30
Attacks Crushes and eats Pikmin

The Dino Bulbear is a mighty, prehistoric member of the grub-dog family. It has incredible strength and patrols several set routes, searching for prey, instead of simply feeding on creatures that wander into its range.


Olimar's notes

A midsize subspecies within the grub-dog family, the dino bulbear's unique feeding habits set it apart from other bulbears. The dino bulbear patrols several set paths searching for prey, instead of passively feeding on creatures that wander into an unlimited territorial range. When entering the dino bulbear's habitat, it is wise to proceed with extreme caution until the creature's patrol paths can be clearly identified.

Louie's notes

For an incredible barbeque, shave away the dino bulbear's skin, mash the mushy, juicy innards, and burn until deliciously fragrant.

MarioMario's notes

This is a new species of bulbear secretly announced for Pikmin 3 by its producer, Shigeru Miyamoto. People have passed the word along for a while, and it just so happens that I have heard about it, and I shall now post it online for all Pikmin lovers to see.