Emperial Shrine

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Pikmin 4: The World to Free
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The outside of the shrine
Inside shrine, (Floors In numerical order.)
Top of Shrine

Emperial Shrine

Story mode

Tike makes it back with the three out of the five orbs. Captain Pikmin then starts talking about a shrine, said to be created by the one who sits on the top. Unsure what might happen, he sends Tike there, sensing the next orb would certainly be on the top. However Tike finds out that a mysterious wall blocks the entrance.

It got named after the Grand father of Samurai Wollywog, which you find on a painting in the shrine, similar to tikes and Sanhatten Beach.


Tikes notes

Wow a shrine developed by the king himself, well not my king. But that would have been better...kinda? Well by the way, a lot of Ninja bulborb walk in the caverns here, which there are quite a few of. The climate here is astounding and perfect, (not the perfect vacation spot) but you know what I mean.

Alices notes

I would just die to live here, if it wasn't for the sneaky critters and poisonous oxygen. But hey... we must be first to find something to help the breathing. But Captain Pikmin isn't very pleased whenever I talk about it. What the deal?

Captain Pikmin notes

Umm nothing much to say about the creatures here, besides they're are very sneaky. However I hear from the two Tections that this is such a cool place to live, however I really don't want this place become a tourist attraction. I don't really need it.

Common Creatures

1 Red Bulborb

2 Hermit Crawmad

3 Ninja Dweevil

4 Dwarf Bulborb

5 Cloakling WollyWog

6 Fluagepole

7 Burrowing Snagret

? Ninja Bulborb (Numbers vary everyday)

8 Wogpole

9 Yellow WollyWog

10 Wollywog

11 Spotty Bulbear

12 Dwarf Bulbear

Mini Bosses

MB1 Octifang *Second fight*

MB2 Shadow Wraith


Samurai Wollywog.

Map Legend

Circle with shuriken inside (Titan Pikmin)

Green dot or Key (Shrine Key location, may be inside a creature)

Green line (Shrine door.)

Green X (Start point to each room.)


The Hermit Crawmad lives only in this area, not even challenge or War Mode has it.