Fearful Forest

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Pikmin: Dawn of the Food Chain
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The Fearful Forest is the second area in the game Pikmin: Dawn of the Food Chain. It is a dark, dense forest region with black trees and other plant life growing near the trees. This region houses many weird enemies, as the name suggests. You can find Blue Pikmin and Shady Pikmin in this are. P.S you also find Black Pikmin here as well.


Orange Bulborb

Orange Bulbear

Roaring Bulbear


Male Sheargrub

Female Sheargrub

Male Probogrub

Female Probogrub

Black Probogrub

Double Dweevil

Smoggy Blowhog

Foggy Blowhog

Warty Wollywoad

Squirty Wollywoad

Horde Scarpling

Circus Dirigibug

Beady Long Legs

Beady Legs Larva

Creeping Chrysanthemum



Wild Alder



Cinnimini Bug


Base: Just your average base, only occasionally you may find Scatling(s) or Scratchbug(s) by your ship or other onions.

Scary Pathway: This path is a long road down to another part of the area, it consists of Creeping Chrysanthemum(s) and occasionally, Wild Alder(s). You need to be careful because a new hazard is introduced into this area called black fruit slime that will stop your Pikmin for a while and then make them unable to move correctly for a few short minutes. This path may cost a few minutes of the day, but later, there is a shortcut that requires Blue Pikmin.

Courtyard: This part of the area is a huge dark grassed yard that consists many enemies that may hide into the grass and attack out of the blue. You need to be careful here because there may be camouflaged Wild Alder(s) here. This yard holds all underground dungeons here. The tree dugouts are in the final area of this region.

Creepy Hollow: This area only has a single black rose tree that has green cherry blossoms falling across the field. A single Wild Alder resides here. It protects the tree dugouts. The only way to get them is to defeat the evil tree.




Water Bombs

Black fruit slime


Scary Citadel

Freaky Cavern

Cave of Creeps

Black Sprout Garden

Crazy Castle

Greensprout Complex