Final Cavern

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Sublevel 1

There is a lot of water here as you can see when you are on a small patch of land. Go to the larger patch of land and take out the two orange bulborbs and then go into the water with the blue pikmin watch out for hermit crawmads and water dumples and then get the treasure from one of the two Greater Spotted Jellyfloats and get out of there!

Sublevel 2

There are tons of munge and acidic dweevils! And to top it all off there is a mega dirigibug! It has the treasure try to get it! the hole is sealed so you need Pikmin to open the hole and go to the next Floor.

Sublevel 3

There are 3 Emperor Bulblaxes one is toxic one is regular one is firey. There are bomb rocks if you need them. But be careful because boulders fall from the ceiling!

Sublevel 4

There are loads of food treasures here! But you won't be getting them that easily. There are ten breadbugs and 4 anode dweevils and 2 giant breadbugs!

Sublevel 5

There is Nothing... except in the center there is a Glooplix! Be careful of its attacks and watch out for Goolarva that it summons! The glooplix has the treasure.

Sublevel 6

Hard... There are 3 dirigibugs, ten lesser spotted jellyfloats, 5 greater spotted jellyfloats, 5 bumbling snitchbugs, and 4 hermit crawmads!