Fluttery Candypop Bud

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Fluttery Candypop Bud
Family Candypop

The Fluttery Candypop Bud is a species of candypop.

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Camwoodstock's version

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Fluttery Candypop Bud The icon used to represent this plant.
Fluttery Candypop Bud edited.png
Edited artwork.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Candypop
Pikmin produced 1 Baby Fluttershy

Fluttery Candypop Buds are interesting candypop buds found within another world. Their petals are magenta, with a trio of butterflies on the end of one of the petals. When ten Pikmin are thrown into it, the flower will spit out one Baby Fluttershy. Apparently, an acorn, a candypop bud seed, and one of Fluttershy's hairs were planted together to make these candypop buds. The same applies to other respective pony candypop buds.