Jellyfloat Jail

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Is a cave dungeon located in the Hall of Gales. It is the second dungeon accessable there. It requires blue pikmin to find it. The pikmin must be led through a network of water-filled passages an the very back of the area where there is a lake. There are plenty of greater spotted jellyfloats here that will sometimes get in the way. It is blocked by a dripping tar gate and requires rose pikmin to destroy. Thankfully, a bridge is conveniently placed right next to the gate. This bridge takes a long time to finish and, when completely done, stretches all of the way from there to the beach. This takes a while though. It is a minorly tough cave with a new boss at the end.

Ship's Comments

" My scanners are detecting many floating gelatinous formes in this deep well. My scans have calculated that they could potentially be dangerous to you. However, they appear to be trapped within this cave, so they will not pose any danger to you as long as you and your pikmin remain outside. Me? I couldn't possibly go down there alone! The gelatin could damage my circuits! You go first."


  • Fire
  • Water
  • Electricity


  • Wollywog
  • Dwarf Albino Wollywog
  • Tan Wollywog
  • Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat
  • Greater Spotted Jellyfloat
  • Lesser Speckeled Jellyfloat
  • Fiery Jellyfloat
  • Watery Jellyfloat
  • Sparky Jellyfloat
  • Gassy Jellyfloat
  • Jellyfloat Berry
  • Spidery Blowhog
  • Follypole
  • Mint Lizard
  • Dwarf Orange Bulborb
  • Hairy Bulborb
  • Armoured Cannon Beetle Larva
  • Armoured Cannon Buzzer
  • Decorated Groink
  • Breadbug Larva
  • Spotty Bulbear
  • Dwarf Bulbear
  • Aqua Bulbear
  • Dwarf Aqua Bulbear
  • Liquid Stingroid
  • Icy Stingroid
  • Bomber Stingroid
  • Mantacrawler
  • Sandbow
  • Unmarked Spectralids
  • Rain Spectralids
  • Rainbow Spectralid
  • Iridescent Flint Beetle
  • Queen Candypop Bud
  • BOSS: Giant Jellyfloat


  • Figwort
  • Sprout
  • Clover


  • Decrypter
  • Unsweetened Block
  • Chipped Chum
  • Steamy Surprise
  • Clink Link
  • Greese Slider
  • Oblivious Floater
  • Folk Festivity
  • Unlucky Penny
  • Fortune Teller
  • Long-Legged Mystery
  • Comedic Persuader
  • Dark Cravings
  • Light Lovliness
  • Banana Browny
  • Flavourable Losenge
  • Daily Medicine
  • Avian Incubator
  • Reptilian Safety Pod
  • Failed Hatchling
  • Unlikely Hero
  • Soil Saviour
  • Emerald Diamond
  • Immortal Pearl
  • Blowhog Tube
  • Unfoiled Foil
  • Tin Rucuss
  • Shriek Emmitter (Dropped by Giant Jellyfloat)