Land of Trials

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Pikmin: The Final Frontier
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The Land of Trials is actually an altered version of the Final Trial from Pikmin 1 and is the sixth and final area in Pikmin: The Final Frontier. Here, you fight most of the main bosses you have encountered in the game. The Final Boss is located here.




  • Ring of Hope (Blue Ring) 200 Pokos (15 Pikmin, Bedazzled Fortune Series)
  • Ring of Destiny (Green Ring) 200 Pokos (15 Pikmin, Bedazzled Fortune Series)
  • Cosmic Key (Big Silver Key) 500 Pokos (25 Pikmin, Bedazzled Fortune Series)
  • Twilight Disc (CD) 300 Pokos (16 Pikmin, Paradox Series)
  • Tax Collecter (Middle of Roulette) 200 Pokos (30 Pikmin, Chance Series)
  • Digital Reciever (iPhone) 1000 Pokos (25 Pikmin, Paradox Series)

Total Pokos

Total Pokos: 2,400

End of Game

The President Will be hiding on a ledge behind the Ghostly Shellmad. He is shivering in mortal terror and glad you saved his life. Once that is over, take back the most expensive treasure in the game and go back to base where Mechelle will be waiting to see him in one piece. Once the president is back to base, the player will be given the option to leave the area or not. If they do, as in any game, the credits would roll. Before this happens, like in Pikmin 1, the wildlife in the game would be shown. Afterward, you can then finish up any business on the Pikmin Planet, like collecting treasures you missed, seeing enemies you didn't encounter, or even just going back for fun.