Pikmin: The Final Frontier

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Pikmin: The Final Frontier is a non-canon game that would be the conclusion to the Pikmin Series. There are brand new enemies, bosses, and a new plot to this game. The story is being written by DaGamesta.


In this game, Hocotate Freight is once again trying to pay off a great debt. However, it is not their debt. Their sponsor, Hocotate International Sales/Trade Corporation, is caught in debt of 7,000 Pokos. The President of Hocotate Freight sends four characters to The Pikmin Planet to collect treasures. The two main protagonists are Olimar and Louie. The other two playable characters are Celio, a business expert, and Luisa, Louie's New Wife, who knows all about home living and decoration. Instead of using the ship, there is now the S.S. Hocotation Mecha, or as she is called in this game, Mechelle. Mechelle is sweet and caring, yet serious and intelligent. She also creates sales pitches for all of the treasures collected in this game. Once the first five debt areas are completed, The President inspects the planet for any more treasure, and is abducted by the final boss.

Rating and information

This game is for the Nintendo Wii, with the Nunchuck included. This non-canon game is rated E 10+, for infrequent violence and minor startling images.

  • A: Throws Pikmin/Throws Captain/Punch/Identify Object
  • B: Dismiss Pikmin into groups
  • A+B: Select held Pikmin by type
  • + Button: Pause/Map Screen
  • - Button: Options
  • 1 Button: Confirm Selection
  • 2 Button: Cancel Selection
  • Control Pad: Use Sprays

Nunchuck Controls

  • C Button: Whistle Pikmin
  • Z Button: Swarm Pikmin/Move Pikmin Around while pointing at an object to attack it

Pikmin types


  1. Plains of Faith
  2. Aqua Garden
  3. Fountain Valley
  4. Sunspot Plaza
  5. Sand Fields
  6. Land of Trials

Access to areas


New Features

New Enemies/Bosses

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