Lost Cabin

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The Lost Cabin is a structure in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. It is located deep in the Forest of Love. Purple Pikmin are first found in here. It has 3 floors and the only hazard is acid. 2 Hocotate files are found here.

Sub-level 1

When you first enter this sub-level, it is eerily quiet. 10 seconds later, a loud screech is heard screaming "I AM GOING TO GET YOU". Then a beast simply known as Fear comes down and begins chasing you. It is invincible at the moment. There are three rooms here and a staircase leading to the attic and one leading to the basement are found here.

Sub-level 2

The attic. A small room with lots of boxes. Be careful, as Fear follows you no matter what. At the end of the room, underneath some dust is a Hocotate File.

Sub-level 3

The basement. Fear follows you here too. Somewhere around here is a Violet Candypop Bud. With Purple Pikmin, you can kill Fear and get awarded a Hocotate File.

Enemies Encountered