Malevolent Peaks

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The Malevolent Peaks is an area visited in Pikmin: Secret of the Earth. It is the farthest to the north of all the areas explored, but surprisingly it is not a cold place. It is unpleasantly humid here. The only way to reach the peaks is to travel all the way across the Northern Plains. Eventually, the plains will recede and give way to more barren landscapes, then the foothills, and then these huge and imposing mountains. There is little to no plant life of any sort in this area. The sky is never calm here, and there are usually quakes and tremors around the mountains. It is generally covered by dark clouds that take on a reddish-violent tint due to the strange gasses that are emitted from the depths of the earth here. Not surprisingly, this area has a particularly sinister vibe and it is positively covered in powerful enemy forces. Getting through the Malevolent Peaks will be one of the most difficult challenges that any team could face. Fortunately, there will be no reason to ever attempt to go here until late in the story, so rest easy and focus on getting more skilled. You'll be glad you did by the time you have to get through this place.

Key sections

  • Dusted Rockland
  • Quaking Trails
  • Ashen Valley
  • Sinister Stronghold
  • Thunderous Summit