Northern Plains

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The Northern Plains is an area visited in Pikmin: Secret of the Earth. They can be accessed if you head north from the Distant Wetland's Restricted District. Basically, the Northern Plains are a long extension of wetlands that continue onwards to the Malevolent Peaks if they are followed all the way to the end. However, they are inhabited by many tricky foes that can severely cut down a team of traveling Pikmin if there isn't enough strength or ways to endure the trip. Water, of course, can pose a problem as well. There is no safe route through these plains, but there are several options for which "route" to take through the area. You'll be able to tell when you're getting closer to the end of the area because the landscape will become more barren the closer you are to the mountains on the other side. There will be no reason to travel to the Malevolent Peaks for a very long time, so consider avoiding this area until you've racked up a great level of strength. Ultimately, this area is just the first part of what will become a very difficult trial.

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