Molten Stingroid

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Molten Stingroid
Family Stingroid

The Molten Stingroid is a species of stingroid that whips enemies with its fiery tail.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: New World

Pikmin: New World
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: New World, a fanon game created by Electroatopos.
Molten Stingroid The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Caudabatis superthermia
Family Stingroid
Caves Hallow of Fire, Great Grove
Attacks Burns and crushes Pikmin

The Molten Stingroid is a stingroid that appears in Pikmin: New World. It is the replacement for the mostly-extinct dweevil family after the events of Pikmin 2. The stingroid family is a large family of flying, tail-whipping predators that actively attack and kill their prey. Each Stingroid has virtually the same body shape: a triangular, ray-shaped body with a long tail, eyes at its middle, and virtually no obvious traits of a head, limb, or mouth. Its body is also made up of different segments, like an earthworm, to which Olimar believes it is related. There are virtually no distinguishing traits of this species except for its red coloration. This species will go up in flames if threatened and will slam its tail into the ground at its attackers, setting the ground on fire. This attack is fairly effective and often burns large amounts of Pikmin. To defeat it, throw Red Pikmin on top of it until it is rendered incapacitated. Continue throwing Pikmin at it and it will die sooner or later.


Olimar's notes

This strange creature is part of the stingroid family, whose members are all aerial predators that kill their prey using their tails. This particular species has several large, sac-like glands that are connected to the base of its spine. When distressed, the creature articulates its spine, moving apart the bones to allow highly-pressurized liquid in the glands to flow out and gush throughout the spine and down to its tail. The liquid is then forced through the tip of its tail where it immediately combusts upon contact with the air. This process allows it to create a towering flame at will to deter predators.

Louie's notes

Don't even bother cooking it. A slight bump is enough to cause an explosive reaction in its flame glands. After the explosion, the charred remains make a fine pie crust for a quiche.

Sagittarius's notes

Not a good pet. It is prone to causing house fires when angered or scared, and it will sometimes steal valuables and then fly off with them. They can be extremely dangerous when in the wild, as they can cause city-wide fires and attack people for food.

Libra's notes

This creature's top-quality tail is a great addition to a hat and also makes a scarf great enough to light up the crowd with flaming style. However, if worn too much, its style could burn out entirely, so it must be worn judiciously. It is recommended that one should try wearing other stingroid tails before going back to wearing this one.