Great Grove

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The very first dungeon in the Hall of Gales. It is a Tree Climb dungeon. It is very easy to get to. It is at the very end of the beach where all of the Fiery Blowhogs are. There will be a small area of lifted land with lots of Purple Pelletweed growing around its edges. However, there is a troublesome Apple Breadbug that walks around there stealing the pellets and taking them down to its nest down on the ground. This should be taken out with purple pikmin before entering this dungeon so that the player may utilize the pellets later. There is a new boss at the end of this dungeon.


Ship's comments

At last I have located some large flora that has managed to survive in this parched land! The wind-bitten exterior of this tree appears to be a shield to protect the moisture and heat from escaping through its hull. The huge interior appears to be a greenhouse for plants. This trunk is serving as a refuge from the harsh elements of this infernal place for thousands of species. Let us get in, quickly!


  • Fire
  • Hot Tar



  • Ivy
  • Figwort
  • Sprout
  • Bluebell
  • Mushroom
  • Helicopter Seeds


  • Tropical Signature
  • Mega-Chute
  • Eel's Girdle
  • Circular Construction
  • Discoidal Plate
  • Sore Stomach
  • Interior Designer
  • Species Marker
  • Nectar Sucker
  • Infestation Tuft
  • Cotton Boulder
  • Disco Ring
  • Wingnut
  • Wild Slide
  • Mt. Cushion
  • Mummified Vegetable
  • Fish Coffin
  • Bug-Proof Sprout
  • Cloven Cactus
  • Alergy Alert
  • Pollen Cannon
  • Puffball Design
  • Vitamin Miracle (Dropped by Burrowing Snagret)