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One Pikmin
This article or section presents information pertaining to One Pikmin, a fanon game created by Piki1.
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Here is a list of all Minigames in One Pikmin. It contains all their rules and how they can be unlocked. Minigames can be replayed on the Minigame section on the main menu.

Bulban Ruins Rush

  • How to unlock: After defeating your first enemy.
  • Rules: Avoid falling boulders and rush to the exit without getting crushed.

Prison Catacombs Escape

  • How to unlock: Escape from your cell.
  • Rules: Find the exit! If you walk into the Guard Borb's light, you lose.

Quicksand Climb

  • How to unlock: Travel deep into the Desert of Death.
  • Rules: Navigate the large patch of sand. Don't step in the wrong place, or you'll sink. It's kinda like minesweeper!

Raft Down the Bloody River

  • How to unlock: Complete the raft.
  • Rules: Ride down the Bloody River and don't fall down waterfalls!

Tree Jumpin'

  • How to unlock: Travel deep into the Bada Jungle.
  • Rules: Jump from tree to tree with right timing. If you miss, you lose.

Hot Lava Hop

  • How to unlock: Go down a fair amount of the Great Volcano.
  • Rules: Press "A" to jump two spaces and "B" to jump one. Try to do it in the fastest time! If you jump in lava, you lose.

Illusion Maze

  • How to unlock: Get to the 4th floor of The Tower of Illusions.
  • Rules: Navigate the maze. Some floor tiles and walls are fake so you can walk through them!

Giga Bulbear Chase

  • How to unlock: Accept President Koin's request.
  • Rules: A suspenseful hunt or be hunted game. Avoid the Giga Bulbear's face as you run around the District. Sneak up on him to win.

Boss Bash

  • How to unlock: Beat the final boss.
  • Rules: Fight every previous boss in order! But when you get to a boss, your stats and items will be the same when you first fought it.