Ongoing Woods

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Pikmin 4: The World to Free
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Notes: The numbers in the lists correlate to the map.
Ongoing Woods.jpg

Two players start way up in the air, on platforms up in trees. The other two start somewhere on the ground. There are lots of connections between various platforms up in the trees, whereas on the ground it is a plain without much foliage. The trick to this map is the tree trunks: the right ones will reveal a staircase, allowing you to go up or down! There is a moderate amount of enemies, mostly Wollywogs of various kinds. The one thing to watch out for on the ground is falling Wollywogs, they may very well jump of the top level in an attempt to hit you! For the dangerous part living on the top layer, there is less room to maneuver. In addition, bomb rocks can destroy anything wooden! The bridges can be destroyed, and with 5 or 6 bomb rocks you can take down an entire tree! If desire to do something like this, there are a few stashes at the top but numerous ones at the bottom.

Some changes

I changed the fact that you can't blow up trees, but to replace that you can blow up the robot shop temporarily until it recovers. Meaning that you can't buy or gather any treasure for that time. Also there is a new item called a (wooden tent.) You place a item here and treat it like an onion, but like it says above you can blow them up to.

Here is the map key for here.

  • Red X (Watch Tower)
  • Red dot (Player start points. Numbers don't matter.)
  • Black Flag (Players Shop points)
  • Red white star (Core for base)
  • Orange X (Bomb rocks (3 per X)


  • 1. Orange Bulborb
  • 2. Dwarf Orange Bulborb
  • 3. Puffy Blowhog
  • 4. Shearwig
  • 5. Yellow Wollywog
  • 6. Wogpole
  • 7. Zappy Blowhog
  • 8. Cloaking Wollywog
  • 9. Fluagepole
  • 10. Watery Blowhog
  • MB (Female Shearwig)


  • 1. Natures Gift (Inside Female Shearwig)
  • 2. Healthy Fiber Ring
  • 3. Sour Bomb
  • 4. Misleading Propaganda (Under bridge)
  • 5. Sweet Service
  • 6. Unknown Leftover (5 are in the same spot)