Pikmin: Timeloop/July 1 Path CA

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You decide to go West. Probably doesn't matter much though.

Farther along the path, you see something wonderful. A single field with hundreds of Posies, as far as the eye can see! You get more excited when you think of the number of Pikkoins this will get you...

"Hold up," the guard leader said. "There's a Bulborb over there."

You didn't hear him. You were having strange visions of taking Pikkoin showers in a solid gold bathtub...

You were waken out of your thousandare fantacies by the screams of doomed Pikmin. Looking up, you see a Bulborb, gobbling up your squad one by one. But the Bulborb isn't any breed you've seen, not in training or in experience. It had pieces of flesh missing from its bones, and it was covered in a thick, red fluid that reminded you of blood.

Your mind went to fight or flight mode immediately. It's not far from the landing zone, you can sprint there, if you're quick. But the beast is also bloodied and weakened, it won't take much to kill it...

But you come up with a better idea. The Guard Squadron seem to be handling it, maybe you should hide and wait it out? But then, what happens when they don't take care of it?


  • To attack the Bulborb, go here.
  • To run to the landing zone, go here.
  • To hide somewhere and wait it out, go here.