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Welcome to Cheepy-Cheepy's user page!

Today is: Sunday
Time: 17:43
Week # 16

For both personal and public use:


Ahoy there, I'm Cheepy-Cheepy, a long-time member of the Pikmin Fanon, and both an administrator and a bureaucrat of it. I prefer not to say much about myself, as I would much rather let those I interact with learn about me themselves. I love Breadbugs and their larger counterpart, Loaflings, Waddlepi, phosbats young and old, and Gildemanders. Mushroom Pikmin are my favorite Pikmin, but I also like Purple Pikmin and Rock Pikmin.

If you ever have any questions, comments, requests, suggestions, concerns, or complaints about the wiki, its content, or its users, please contact me so we can discuss them.


I fix all sorts of problems around the wiki, mostly those involving writing, formatting, and organization. I'm not very savvy with coding, but I have overhauled several templates to the point of them having very intricate coding. As the head of editing, I also touch up or rewrite articles I come across that are in need of it. I'm very particular with how things are done, so don't be surprised or offended if I touch up even the most minor details in a recent edit. After all, leniency is what made Pikmin Fanon into the mess it once was years ago. I'm not perfect, though, so feel free to correct any mistakes I make.

I created Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs and Pikmin: Infection in Progress, although I'm not working on them anymore. I also created Dance Dance Revolution: Pikmin Mix, my first finished fanon game. While I am proud of it, I'm proudest of Pikmin: Wide World and its sequel, which happen to be two of the most expansive, elaborate, and ambitious games on the wiki. Although most of the following are not being worked on right now, I am helping develop Pikimon, Pikmin: Dark Forces, active project Pikmin: Dual Worlds, Pikmin: Saving Hocotate Freight, the Pikmin Community Fangame, and some others.

As for bringing official content to Pikmin Fanon from Pikipedia, I brought over much information regarding the content of Pikmin 3, Hey! Pikmin, Pikmin Adventure, and Pikmin 4, and all of that of Pikmin Bloom.

In terms of the wiki itself, I overhauled Pikmin Fanon's policies and guidelines, using Pikipedia's as a basis. As well, I compiled this list of articles that were present on the Wikia Pikmin Fanon but not this one and were worthy of being hosted here.

Friend template

Courtesy of PikFan23, I have a friend template! Type {{Cheepy-CheepyFriend}} into your userbox tower, or anywhere onto your userpage, to display it.


My nicknames are Cheepy, King Boo, Boo, and Cheebs. Feel free to refer to me using these nicknames or a variation of them. You may also create your own nickname for me if you wish to do so.


Fun facts

I joined Pikmin Fanon on April 2nd, 2011 at approximately 4:52 PM EST.
I am honored to have earned Rollback Rights and the All Ranks Rank.
I am proud to have become an administrator of this wiki on the morning of May 19th, 2016.
Furthermore, I became a bureaucrat of this wiki in the afternoon of July 15th, 2021.
Pikmin Fanon has 16,849 total pages, 5,780 content pages, 6,869 total files, 177,039 total revisions, and 1,490 total users.
On January 2nd, 2021, Salem made for me a thoughtful gift, the Victini Pikmin.
I, at some point, wrote an intriguing little article about training Hocotatians in the use of Pikmin.
I have a part in Dr Drastic's Pikcanon-NOT.
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