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Pikmin 4: The World to Free
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 4: The World to Free, a fanon game created by New Pikminjp.
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The modes in Pikmin 4: The World to Free.

Treasure Hunt

It's pretty much a ripoff of Collect the Treasure from Pikmin 3.

Hunt Enemies

It's pretty much the same as Battle the Enemies from Pikmin 3.

War Mode

This mode is about battle strategy and building fortresses. You must go against another player, so you can battle out and try to break their heart orb, the fort's life. Once it is broken, the opponent loses.


There is a Robot that gives you items for pokos. Here's the list.

Everywhere items

Spicy berry juice

Plus 10 pikmin

Plus 5 white

Plus 5 purple

Electric gate parts

Flare gate parts

Black gate parts

Bridge (For areas with cliffs or water only)

Poison gate pieces (can not be used for blocking base)

Watch tower pieces ( watches your half of the land, divides to 1/4 if your playing 4 player mode)

A Patrol (acts like another captain, can detect enemies or foes)

Red Bulborb pet (Act like a enemy to the foe)

Orange Bulborb pet (Same deal just acts like a Orange Bulborb

Bulbear pet (Can not be placed, patrols the area like a Bulbear.

Blowhog pet (It randomly generates a blowhog, acts like the Red Bulborb pet )

Level exclusive items

Ninja Pet (Summons a Ninja dweevil or Bulborb at the foe, Ninja castle only )

Jackwig swarm (Summons Jackwigs in the area to hunt you down, Only effective outside of base, lowers power when their lesser jackwigs in area, and exclusive to Jacks hive only)

Boulder storm ( exclusive to Rocky Warfield, and Mountain peak.

Rock toss

The minigame exclusive to only the rock pikmin. You must toss the Rock Pikmin at enemies and targets to score points.

Color blast

This puzzle game is when you have to throw pikmin in the empty slots, to try to match their colors. To match their colors, you must connect three or more diangley, vertically, or horizontaly. After a while you must recharge. To recharge, you must exit the machine and gather more pikmin by putting objects inside the onion.


You can use items in order to how help kill pikmin faster or score more points.

Pikmix 5X (multiplies the points earn by 5 )

Pikmix 10x (multiplies the points earn by 10 )

Bulborb crunch (Eats all pikmin on the board, gives you 100 points per pikmin, Effected by Pikmix)

Pikmin + (Recharges the pikmin supplies to 100)

Hyper mode (Gives you 100,000 points)

Time bonus (add 1:00 to time limit )

Shuffle (Shuffle Pikmins on board)