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Jobs/To-Do List

If you want to apply for a job, put your username next to the job chosen, the limit is seven jobs. Sir Pikmin is the admin in charge of moderating this game, please direct all questions to him.

Main Article

  • Head of Production- Sir Pikmin
  • Spriters- Sir Pikmin , PikminFanatic23, Cheepy-Cheepy
  • Controls-
  • Menus-
  • Pikmin Variants- PikminFanatic23, Alphaman

Enemy Articles

  • Lead Enemy Designer- Sir Pikmin
  • Enemy Article Content Designers- Alpo499, Alphaman
  • Boss Designers- Sir Pikmin, Pikness34, Neini, Alphaman
  • Boss Arena Designers- Sir Pikmin, Pikness34

Areas, Caves and Dungeons

  • Lead Area Designer- Sir Pikmin
  • Lead Caves/Dungeons Designer- Alpo499
  • Area Article Content- Drigibug313
  • World Map Designers- Pikness34, Sir Pikmin
  • Area Map Designers- Drigibug313, Pikness34
  • Cave Designers- Drigibug313, Alpo499
  • Dungeon Designers- Alpo499, Blueflower999


  • Lead Sound Designer- Neini
  • Menu Music Designers- Neini
  • Enemy Music Designers- PikminFanatic23
  • Enemy Sound FX Designers-


  • Lead Scenario Designer-Sir Pikmin
  • Cutscene Designers-Irockz, Alphaman
  • Character Designers-Alpo499, Irockz
  • Ties to Other Games-Irockz, Sir Pikmin, Blueflower999