Pikmin Volume 1: The Trials

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Pikmin Volume 1: The Trials
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Volume 1: The Trials, a fanfiction created by Pikness34.

Pikmin Volume 1: The Trials is part of a series of fanfictions written by Pikness34. It spans ten chapters, the final one having the subtitle "Enigmatic Mind". It is part of the Pikmin Hope series, consisting of this volume, Pikmin Volume 2: Hope, and lastly Pikmin Volume 3, which is a working title.




Chapter 1: Hope

"Wait up!" an enigmatic Pikness34 cried, seeing Olimar jump into his ship, obviously not hearing him. Pikness struggled to keep up, but it was too late as Olimar had blasted off without him. "No! I'm stranded!" Pikness yelled. He looked at his ship in despair and, looking at the sky, remembered his fight with the source of the Doom Essence. His ship bore marks of a suicidal crash in an attempt to save the helpless Hocotatians. "How will I get home? And my ship is destroyed!" complained a tired Pikness. He heard a noise and instinctively grabbed for a Pikmin, but he painfully remembered they left.