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Yummy, a hamburger!!!

I was one of the users of this wiki before I left due to school.Im back bit..... oh wait.

<Me>What Inspired you to create your fanon game?

<PikFan>: The original concept was that they were ideas for Pikmin 3,but I already knew about Pikmin Fanon So I decided to create an account, then I made my game!Then I decided to make a trilogy.

<Pikness>: How did you get inspired enough by pikmin to make your own fanon game?

<PikFan>: Well..

<PikFan>: I loved Pikmin so much and I desperately wanted Pikmin 3 to come out

<PikFan>: And I made ideas for it (and you know what happens next)

<Pikness>: good is that all?

<PikFan>: oh, should there be more?

<Pikness>: If you want

<PikFan>: After I got the original Pikmin game (I got Pikmin 2 first), I thought about Pikmin 3

<PikFan>: Then I thought about it some more. Then more. And finally I began producing ideas for Pikmin 3 like wildfire.

<Pikness>: cool

<PikFan>: But I eventually realized that this many ideas would be too many

<Pikness>: now question number 3

<PikFan>: ok

<Pikness>: Are you regulary this creative or is it from boredom,or excitedness,ETC?

<PikFan>: I'm very smart, thus I'm very creative, so it's one or the other.

<Pikness>: Don't forget awesome,like me

<PikFan>: right.

<Pikness>: so do you have more to say?

<PikFan>: most days, I get bored of playing my games so I hop on the computer and start doing things.

<Pikness>: cool

<Pikness>: now

<PikFan>: ok

<Pikness>: on of our important questions

<Pikness>: heh heh I mean one not on

<Pikness>: Ahem

<Pikness>: Do you ever use sprites on your game project?

<PikFan>: I did upload some sprites for a Pikmin a while back, but I think that was the only time I used sprites. I may be using/making more in the future, but I'm not certain.

<Pikness>: Nice answer.

<Pikness>: Our next question

<PikFan>: #5!

<Pikness>: If you were called to work on any game project except Pikmin: Ultimate doom, what would it be?

<PikFan>: hmm. Maybe... Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator?

<Pikness>: Good.

<Pikness>: Next question

<PikFan>: #6

<Pikness>: How do you feel about being interviewed?

<PikFan>: ummm.. uh..

<PikFan>: I'd say, a little worried?

<Pikness>: There was no need to be...

<PikFan>: Because I'm afraid that you'll throw a question at me that I can't answer...

<PikFan>: Because I'm afraid that you'll throw a question at me that I can't answer...

<PikFan>: I had a suspicion

<Pikness>: really a suspicion of that?

<PikFan>: Because, that kinda seems like a remix of "Did you think this interview was good?"

<Pikness>: Oh well now it's over

<Pikness>: SURPRISE!!!!

<Pikness>: This was your final question

So I renember

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