Pikmin Wars (Wrath version)

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Pikmin Wars (Wrath version)
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Wars (Wrath version), a fanfiction created by Wrath.
For other content of the same name, see Pikmin Wars.

Pikmin Wars is a Pikmin fanfiction created by Wrath. It is about the evolution and hardships of Pikmin society.


A playful, cheerful young Pikmin was at home with his caretakers. They had just begun to tell him the legend of yore.

Many years ago, when a dark plague had struck the planet, and there were only three Pikmin seeds of each of the three remaining colors, red, yellow, and blue. But a strange creature had swooped down from the skies to save our ancestors. He found the Onions of their colors and rebuilt the population of each color, and then found the Candypop Buds of each of the other colors. Soon, numerous colors evolved, and our ancestors learned to fend and hunt for themselves. They developed technology and made weapons and machines. However, this golden age would not last, as the monsters got their share of intelligence too. Thus, the Pikmin and the monsters of the world divided, using their new-found intelligence to create machines of death, and weapons of destruction. They built bases soon, and used those as strongholds, to hold resources, weapons, and troops, and defend them in times of attack. Many armies rose and fell over a period of 124 years, and eventually, we were created out of the chaos of the times known as the Pikmin Wars. Someday you will grow up to be trained as a soldier, and then you will fight in huge battles for your army, Sol.