Singing Mountain

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Pikmin: Secret of the Earth
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Singing Mountain is a very far-away area in Pikmin: Secret of the Earth. It can be accessed from the Snowy Outskirts, specifically from the section that resembles the Valley of Repose. However, unlike just about all the other areas in the game, you can't just walk up to the Singing Mountain area to enter it. It is located over the ocean, and so some method of transportation will have to be discovered that can cross the water from the Snowy Outskirts' Coastal Snowdrifts. Upon reaching the Singing Mountain, you'll discover it to actually not have the same snow that the areas on the west side of the mainland have. The sky is still quite grey, and it is still cold with frigid winds. Plants have adapted to life in this area, so foliage is a bit more colorful, if not still somewhat subdued when compared to plants in the eastern/northeastern regions. The Singing Mountain got its name from the various tunnels that run through it, causing haunting sounds to be carried around the surrounding seas when the wind blows through. In order to ascend the mountain, one would have to make use of this tunnel network that gradually runs upwards. It's a long trip, but at least the tunnel network is warmer than the outside on the mountain.

Key sections

  • Wind-Chilled Foothills
  • Inside the Mountain
  • Outer Pathways
  • Lost Summit