Snowy Outskirts

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Pikmin: Secret of the Earth
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Snowy Outskirts is an area in Pikmin: Secret of the Earth. It's slightly different from other areas in that the shape is a little bit less "round" and more "bent" to fit around the borders of Frigid Forest. It's a pretty sprawling area where the snow recedes to gradually match the terrain of whichever area borders it. To the northeast, it is bordered by Central Desert, and to the southeast it is bordered by the Southern Plains. The Snowy Outskirts don't go through the deep freezing temperatures that Frigid Forest sometimes experiences, but it can get quite cold the closer you get to the forest. The Snowy Outskirts still have some trees here and there, but they are a little bit more meandering as opposed to their constant appearances throughout Frigid Forest. Also, the southwest part of Snowy Outskirts is actually the Valley of Repose from Pikmin 2! The terrain is the same, but the enemies are different. You can spot the enemies that lived there during Pikmin 2 in a cutscene that occurs in that region, but when you visit it later you won't encounter those enemies there.

Key sections

  • Below the Cliffs
  • Frigid River
  • Gradual Greenery
  • Coastal Snowdrifts