Solo Caves

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Pikmin: Solo Caves
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Solo Caves, a fanon game created by Clearsaturn.
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Solo Caves is the first area explored in Pikmin: Solo Caves.

Key sections

Entrance Cave

A grayish, dim cave. Dwarf Red Bulborbs and Sheargrubs roam here, so not really difficult here.

Pik Path

A grassy cave filled with more Dwarf Red Bulborbs and an assortment of Dweevils.

Twisty Turns

A snowy tunnel that twists and turns, hence the name. Sheargrubs, Snow Bulborbs, and Red Bulborbs are found here.

Murky Trail

A swampy-green hole. Shallow water looms, with Red Dwarf Bulborbs, Dweevils, and Red Bulborbs here.

Boss Lair

A rune-filled cave with a Burrowing Snagret in it.