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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "area" article for more official information.

Areas are the main explorable locations that can be visited by leaders, and provide a range of environments to grow Pikmin, fight enemies, collect items, and explore subenvironments such as caves. Areas can be three-dimensional environments with various sections and corridors connected non-linearly, but can also be two-dimensional and linear. Each area has one landing site, sometimes more in fanon games, where the ship and Onions can land at the beginning of each day, and these are usually connected in several directions to spaces nearby. Most spaces center around a certain theme or enemy and are often separated by obstacles that take time to clear, or prevent access until the required Pikmin type is discovered. Additionally, areas can have different types of weather, which, in fanon games, can alter an area and its temperature. Initially, only one area is available to explore until more are unlocked, which is done through a variety of means such as collecting a particular object, collecting enough of a certain type of object, traveling, overcoming a boss, or outright not being able to meet a goal in the current area.

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