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Old changelog

This is the old changelog, before I started using git (and hence, before I started having a changelog in the form of a commit history), posted here for archiving purposes: — {EspyoT} 17:57, 3 March 2017 (EST)

You can follow my progress by reading my Github commits:
The log bellow is OLD, and I've stopped updating it ever since the project went on Github.


1 Oct 2013:
	Added partial joystick controls.
29 Sep 2013:
	Smoothened whistle graphics.
24 Sep 2013:
	Added error log.
	Removed outline from most of the graphics.
	Added dots that circle the whistle's radius.
23 Sep 2013:
	Added nectar and maturity.
	Added sounds.
	Added the "move group" mechanic.
	Gave colored rings to the whistle.
21 Sep 2013:
	Added President graphics.
20 Sep 2013:
	Added info spots. They just give text when you get close.
	Made the camera smoothly transition from a captain to another, and when zooming.
	Gave Onions graphics.
19 Sep 2013:
	Sprays can be used (but do nothing).
	Camera follows the main leader and can be zoomed in/out.
	Ramped up the graphics so that the game looks good up close.
17 Sep 2013:
	Cleaned up bits of a few files.
	Added a rough sketch for treasures, and the distribution of Pikmin along them to carry them.
16 Sep 2013:
	Ripped all characters from the "area name loading screen" font in Pikmin 2, and created almost all of the missing ones.
11 Sep 2013:
	Shadows now show Pikmin height in relation to the ground.
	Pikmin are now thrown correctly, and have particle effects when thrown.
	Gave idle Pikmin their shade of color.
	Gave the other leaders a health meter on the HUD.
	Started sprays on the HUD.
10 Sep 2013:
	Added shadows that stretch and become less opaque the farther the sun is.
09 Sep 2013:
	Updated the graphics a bit to look smoother. I didn't like how pixelated and aliased they looked in comparison to everything else.
07 Sep 2013:
06 Sep 2013:
	Finished the HUD, except for the other captains' health and sprays. The sun meter's also acting weird.
28 Ago 2013:
	Part of the HUD.
		Basic Pikmin numbers.
		Leader health meter.
		Closest Pikmin.
	Burrowed Pikmin.
27 Ago 2013:
	Not much, just made some adjustments to parties. Specifically, adding a leader to the party of another leader.
16 Ago 2013:
	Pikmin exist and can be whistled to join the group.
15 Ago 2013:
	Development basically started today. Leaders can move around, and they spin with the cursor. Whistling is a thing. Particle effects also exist, despite being unused.

Where in the files is the Pikifen launcher?

I've searched most of the files inside but can't recognise which is the launcher. I just got Pikifen, so usually that's the first problem. - MPA(Talk)

Well, to launch Pikifen, you just double-click Pikifen.exe, the program file with the Pikifen icon on it. Should be pretty straightforward. I can only think of the following:
  • Are you on Windows? If not, you'll need to run Pikifen through something like Wine, or compile it yourself.
  • Have you downloaded the release zip on GitHub? If you download the source code zip, you won't have anything to run.
  • Have you unzipped the zip before trying?
  • Is your anti-virus software deleting the exe file?
Maybe the problem is one of those. — {EspyoT} 14:20, 9 March 2022 (UTC)
I had none of those problems. So what direction do I go in it? Game_data, Manual or Source? - MPA(Talk)
If you can see a Source folder, then that means you've downloaded the source code zip. From this link, expand the Assets box in the Alpha v0.21.1 section. Then, download (17.5 MB). That's the one you should be using. (Also, remember to sign your posts with ~~~~ !) — {EspyoT} 16:29, 9 March 2022 (UTC)
Thanks! Also I can't view the controls anymore after having the version changed What were they again? - MPA(Talk)
You can find them all in the Options menu in the title screen. You can also use that to just bind the controls to whatever you're most comfortable with. In the next version, I'll add a way to see the controls in-game, in the pause menu. — {EspyoT} 16:41, 9 March 2022 (UTC)