The President's Adventure/Piklopedia Of Areas

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The game The President's Adventure features a special book that contains images, a camera view from the place and a brief description from Mayor about that locality.

The Crossroads

Astonishing! How can one only small piece of terrain be this random? I felt like in an action movie. Fighting bad guys in a garden in one minute, and then the other looking for treasures in a very cold place! It's impossible to know where you're going here, but keep in mind, you're going somewhere. A little tip: bring a coat, an umbrella and sun block. It may be sunny. It may be cold. Just keep in mind. It'll be something.

Velvet Passage

A dungeon inside a dungeon. Clever, clever... Seeing the world upstairs, I would never imagine it hiddes such rich culture as an underground world! Filled with enemies, traps, and, of course, goods, the Velvet Passage will definetelly be recorded. The very first cave visited, has to be an accomplishment of some sort. Bring your Red Pikmin troops. Fire burns here.

Buoy Base

The fun of an amusement park, with buoys and everything, but... With the plain old Bulborbs to wreck our fun. It's impressive how fast those, excuse me, DUMMIES, breed. Farewell, fun with buoys. It's time for action. Once more. Here, in the what's supposed to be the most fun cave, a challenge is being hold within it's depths.

Wacky Bridges

I saw a little bulb of light at the end of this miraculous tunnel, but I just couldn't believe it! There's nowhere in my database... Gold Pikmin? Wow, this really must worth something! With their in the upfront, there's no enemy that can tears us down! Or do it? I-I don't know, it's not from me do be this coward, is just... President, have you been mixing my data up?! It's not funny! If you're looking for information about the value of Gold Pikmin, search on Pikoogle!

Stormy Holloways

Mighty halls, screaming thunders, crashing waves! Oh, sorry, I was watching a soap opera, native from my home planet... That's not important. Stormy Holloways! Where the end is not only a possibility as it's a hope! Lay your bets on the Tanookimin, and rise across the starry skies with his little squirrel wings! Squirrel? Yeah, let's go with Squirrel.