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The Mayor is the President's rocket and companion, named by the President himself, in The President's Adventure. He has a purple body with black-and-white checkered stripes and yellow fins and nosecone.


Artwork of the Mayor.

The Mayor was manufactured in a female-only factory in a distant place, which he explains is the reason for his feminine characteristics such as his appearance and voice. He seems to have emotions but doesn't reveal them very often, and speaks in a technical manner, regularly using long, advanced words.

He is capable of communicating with the President no matter the distance between them, such as by giving the President advice when he is struggling to progress or survive. During day one, the Mayor provides the President with a reminder of his capabilities, how to control Pikmin, and the threats and obstacles he'll have to overcome.

Perhaps due in part to his cowardly nature and proneness to making morally wrong decisions, the Mayor sometimes manipulates the President into doing what he wants, either outwardly or subconsciously. The President is either unaware of this behavior or allows it to happen.

Records of the Pikmin Planet or a similar planet are stored in his internal database, suggesting a connection between it and Earth. The Mayor never elaborates on why this is, but he voices familiarity with subjects as having flashbacks.


The Mayor's capabilities are similar to those of the Hocotate ship's, being able to detach its nosecone to accompany the President in caves, giving humorous names to recovered treasures, and analyzing objects delivered to it.


The Mayor orbiting PNF-404.
  • I'm receiving a message, like a flashback... I remember this place. But how? Well, anyway...
  • Ick! What's that? A bug? An animal? Why bring that to me? It's worthless!
  • Yes, I recognize this tasty ball. That's a berry. I think I can make my special pump juice from that!
  • Hehehe, our first treasure! And isn't it shiny? I guess we hit a jackpot here!
  • I see you've been going through a rough patch. Need help?
  • I have no such data about this object or being. Are you sure you want me to analyze that?
  • Oh, President, you~! (in his female voice)
  • What I'm wearing? Oh, President, don't be such a daredevil~! (in his female voice)