Tiny Pothole

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Pikmin: Lair of the Umbrax Dweevil
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Tiny Pothole is the very first cave Olimar enters in Pikmin: Lair of the Umbrax Dweevil. It is located in Forest of Dreams. Rock Pikmin are first found here, by throwing Pikmin into the Slate Candypop Buds that are growing on the second floor.

First Floor

Tiny Pothole sublevel 1.jpg

  • Enemies: NONE |
  • Pollutistopper parts: Twisty Lock |
  • Pikmin found: NONE

Just pick up the Pollutistopper part here and go to the next floor.

Second Floor

Tiny Pothole sublevel 2.jpg

  • Enemies: NONE
  • Pollutistopper parts: Drainage Blocker (stuck in crystal)
  • Pikmin found: 8x Rock Pikmin (from candypop buds)

The part you need here is stuck in a crystal, so bring some Red Pikmin up to the Slate Candypop Buds and rediscover the Rock Pikmin, which you can use to get the Pollutistopper part out of the crystal.