Pikmin: Lair of the Umbrax Dweevil

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Olimar, his family, his dog Bulbie, Louie, and the Koppaite Captains are traveling to the Pikmin Planet for a vacation, but when they arrive, they find a horrifying surprise (dun dun duuuun). They discover that an evil corperation has been dumping pollutants and toxic waste all over the Pikmin Planet, and especially in the formerly tranquil and beautiful part they had just landed in. Just then, a toxic monster chases them back to the ship, but just as they get close to the atmosphere, they are shot down by a random missile, causing the ship to crash and once again launching everyone all over the place... Olimar wakes up in the Forest of Dreams, with the ship nowhere to be seen. After finding the good old Red Onion, Olimar comes across Louie not far away from the Hocotate Ship! BUT WAIT!.....In front of the ship is a massive pool of pollutants blocking their path to it! Dismayed, Olimar trips and falls into a cave and discovers parts he can use to block up the pollution (the ship's research pod followed them down there)! On the bottom floor, Rock Pikmin are rediscovered! After getting back to the ship, it says that they should continue to the nearest pollution "leak", which is located in Shimmer Lake.



New Pikmin

Old Pikmin


New Hazards