Towering Ruins

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Pikmin: Secret of the Earth
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The Towering Ruins is an area on the far west side of the mainlands, past the Frigid Forest in Pikmin: Secret of the Earth. There is only one way to gain entry into the region. After a certain point, there will be a way to pass over the deep ravine that borders Frigid Forest's western edge to explore this new area on the other side. Like much of the territory on the mainlands' west side, the Towering Ruins is a cold area where there is always some degree of snowfall. It is actually the remnants of an abandoned city, with some of the tall buildings still standing. The terrain on the ground is made of bits of deteriorating roads, sidewalks, and pavement. This area is regarded as one of the more dangerous places visited due to how far away it is from any kind of organized civilization. The large amounts of malicious creatures that gather here make for a very daunting locale.


  • Road to the Ruins
  • Ground-Level Grid
  • Crypt of Tide
  • Destructed Structure