Frigid Forest

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'Frigid Forest is the third area visited in Pikmin: Secret of the Earth. It is a vast forest that covers the western area of the world map, and it is only bordered by Snowy Outskirts on its eastern and southern edges. The northern and western edges are bordered by tall mountains and ravines, although there is a passage through the western ravine that becomes accessible later on, leading to the Towering Ruins. Anyways, you'll visit this area as part of a linear trek during the beginning segments. Sometimes, temperatures will drop to very low points in this forest. Try and find shelter either with fellow Pikmin or by hiding within a hollow tree. Just take care to make sure your hideout isn't already occupied by foes lying in wait. Frigid Forest is also one of the few areas in the game with slick icy surfaces that you can slide across. However, powerful explosions, smashing forces or lots of heat can cause this ice to melt and release water from beneath.

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