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This article relates to the canonical games. See Pikipedia's "Treasure" article for more canonical information.

Treasures are common collectibles. They can be retrieved in order to gain high amounts of pokos and Sparklium.

General information

Each treasure is worth a certain amount of Pokos, much more than enemy corpses. Because they are so important, treasures above ground can be commonly found behind a challenge that must be overcome in order to collect it. Underground treasures are usually easier to reach, but because of the caves' cramped nature, it might be hard to retrieve some treasures without first killing enemies and destroying obstacles that are in the way. A cave must first be exited successfully before the Poko amount of the collected treasures within is counted and they are considered collected.

Some treasures have special properties in that they add a new ability to the player's arsenal. These are normally found inside bosses.

On both the surface and in caves, most treasures are out in the open, but some can also be found inside of enemies and buried in the ground.

Although it is possible to collect Sparklium from Sparklium seeds, treasures are the main source of Sparklium since they are worth much more.

List of treasures

Treasure Hoard

The Treasure Hoard is an in-game menu that lists all collected treasures. In this screen, a treasure's value in Pokos, as well as leader-made notes and sales pitch, is available to view. A dynamic view around the object using a free camera mode is also provided.

Treasure Gauge

The Treasure Gauge is an upgrade that, as the name suggests, detects treasures. With it, a needle appears on-screen, and the closer the current leader gets close to a treasure, buried or not, the more to the right the needle turns and the louder it beeps. When there are no more treasures in an area or sublevel, the icon on the screen will become grayed out and cease to function. Some enemies, like the Antenna Beetle, can tamper with the Treasure Gauge's functionality and will continue doing so until it is killed.

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