Underground Oasis

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The Underground Oasis is the second cave you should go to in Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet. This cave introduces three types of Breadbugs, and is also the first cave with a boss. It is located at Waterfall Lake.

Sublevel 1


Olimar and the Pikmin land on a tree stump in the middle of a shallow pool of water that no Pikmin can drown in. A new enemy, the Breadbug, roams this area, and it must be defeated to move on. Kill some of the Dwarfs to lure it in. Once it grabs the body, have your Pikmin carry it, and they'll drag the Breadbug to the Pod. It will begin to get sucked in, but it will get hit by the bottom of the Pod, killing it. Once you've finished cleaning up, jump down the hole in the Breadbug's den to advance on.

Sublevel 2


This floor contains a Territorial Breadbug, which can be distinguished from normal ones by grey skin and yellow eyes. They act like normal ones, but if it isn't carrying anything, it will try to eat your Pikmin. However, it doesn't have strong skin like it's relative, so it is swarmable. Once the three Breadbugs are killed, the hole opens up.

Sublevel 3


  • Mitite x10 (Rarely comes out of the eggs)

This is a rest sublevel. Use the nectar to flower your Pikmin, and descend into the final sublevel.

Sublevel 4 (Final Floor)


  • Territorial Breadbug x2
  • Giant Breadbug
  • Dwarf Yellow Bulborbs (Fall from sky until boss is beaten)

The Giant Breadbug is a hardy creature. It can take 4 hits from the Pod to succumb. To make matters worse, there are two Territorial Breadbugs roaming, and Dwarf Yellows fall from the sky. However, this can be used to your advantage, as the bodies can be used as bait. After the Giant Breadbug is finally defeated, it gives up another computer chip. Exit through the geyser.