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Guild notice
The Guild of Bulborbs is currently inactive due to a lack of staff to help maintain it. If you are a staff member and would like the guild to be revived, please consider taking a position.
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Hello, I'm DonoPik!

  • Rank: Bud
  • Guild: I am an apprentice Orange Bulborb at The Guild Of Bulborbs
  • Favorite Pikmin: Yellow
  • Gender: Boy (Dude)
  • Favorite Pikmin game: Pikmin 2
  • Favorite Enemy: Breadbug
  • Pokos earned: 19,683

Other Info

This has been P2 Breadbug icon.png DonoPik, Yellow Pikmin master!

my other signature is this: "P2 Dwarf Orange Bulborb icon.png Apprentice Orange Bulborb DonoPik" I only use it when i'm doing my job as a member of The Guild Of Bulborbs