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This user is an inactive staff member on this wiki. Even though this user is inactive, they still have the power to make special adjustments, such as protecting pages from regular users' edits to prevent abuse and deleting bad pages. Most importantly, this user can block misbehaving editors.
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Guild notice
The Guild of Bulborbs is currently inactive due to a lack of staff to help maintain it. If you are a staff member and would like the guild to be revived, please consider taking a position.
Peach Bulborb
Peach Bulborb.png
Health 750
Attack 5
Defense 3
Experience 5
Drops 75 seed dollars

Hello, everyone. I have been here a while and have achieved Master Flower rank, along with being an admin. If you would like my help on some project of yours, leave a message on my talk page! My specialty is writing stories, plots, and creature notes.

Check out my fanon game and a game that I am co-creating

I love God and hope you all accept the message of salvation. Ask me if you want to know about it!

To Do

My Alter Aliasis

You might be seeing this page and wondering whats with the Peach Bulborb and not the Spotty Bulbear that helped you. Well, I am a member of the Guild of Bulborbs, a group dedicated to improving the wiki. I use my alternative sig:

P2 Spotty Bulbear icon.png Spotty Bulbear Peach Bulborb

When I am doing my job.

Peach Bulborb
P2 Spotty Bulbear.png
Health 1,000
Attack 6
Defense 6
Experience 6
Drops 100 seed dollars

If you and I know each other, feel free to add {{PeachFriend}} to your userbox. It will look like this:

Peach Bulborb.png

KirbyKrafter is deserving of thanks as he did the coding for this template.

Something To Think About

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that Whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

Notice the word "perish". We all are going to go somewhere, either heaven or hell. Because we are sinners, the natural place for us to go is hell. It might not seem fair that we are born evil, but in the beginning of the world mankind was created perfect and pure, but we rebelled against our creator and had to pay the penalty. Mankind seemed like it was doomed, but then God stepped in.

He sent his only Son, Jesus, to die and take the penalty for our sins. He was crucified, the most brutal and agonizing way one could die at the time, taking the penalty of death. This was the gift of salvation. All we have to do:

"That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." Rom 10:9

All we have to do is accept the gift. If you have any questions or comments or if this touched you in some way, please let me know!

Peach Bulborb's Leaning Tower of Facts!
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