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Hello dear Fanon Individuals! I´m currently working on a 4 Game Pack! They´re all not so much of a pain to write , because they are most likely to become short Games, but in return i´m working on a little special item for Pikmin-Games. But have no fear! It´s not one of those extras like the Powerglove or the Visualboy, thats for sure. Just wait n see! ^^


- A Dweevils Chance (FourPack/PikWii) [Raw Article finished on 28 of October]

- PikWii (console) [Raw Article finished on 29 of October]

- A Dweevils Chance [Halloween Update added at 31 of October]

To do list

- A Dweevils Chance Stages Page

- A Dweevils Chance Enemies Page

- A Dweevils Chance Bosses Page

- Working on the Bonus-Content for "A Dweevils Chance"

My working times

- Friday: If my full schedule allows me to work on fanon pages, i´ll mainly work on my games on friday.

- Saturday: Saturday is my Fantendo-Day. I´ll only work on Fantendo during saturdays.

- Sunday: On a sunday will most likely come nothing from my brains, so if i amworking on something then it would most likely to be a fan game for Pikmin Fanon or Fantendo. Or a real game project. I´m learning Java right now.