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Pikmin adventures saga

This series will be about Pikmin from all kinds to take on a grand adventure to vanquish the evil creature claiming the throne.

The game I believe should be and rpg game but has a open world like ((Kingdom hearts)) for an example.

I hope to make a story for it soon

Update Vr 0.01

The game will no longer be an rpg, but it will be like a normal Pikmin game. Offical name ((Pikmin:The Adventure Saga))

New Captains and race

The Setolon is our new planet

Setoloins they are called

New Captains

Lona (A female, with purple hair and wears many flowers. She will study the plants in the Pikmin world, and new plants are in it.)

Lona will also have mainly average stats, she tends to be the easily impressed type, but however is quite stubborn.

Bawful (A male, He quite the jolly type and enjoys adventures, He is slightly faster then other captains but has lower hp.)

Vendy (A quiet male who rarely speaks, but he adores the planets creatures, but unlike louie he believes in raising them.)

Vendy is slower then Lona but has more attack and defense.

Later on characters () means past characters

(Tike): Pikmin 4 the world to free

(Captain Pikmin): Pikmin 4 the world to free.

Jacklet (A smart but easily frightened Kolpai with white hair and enjoys making potions. Allows you to make potions.)

Saqa (A sassy female Hocotaion who has a unique interest in the weather. Allows you to predict the weather for the upcoming 5 days)

There will be caves that contain treasures inside them. I hope to make a good idea list soon.

The Piklopedia will be created soon. There will definetly be new enemies and returning enemies.